Does anyone know why all Southern women aren't as attractive as their northen counterparts? (UK)?

Northern guys are totally hot, so I guess the girls have to match them .
sorrrry no
yeah its the cooler weather in the north it preserves the northerners looks
nothing beats a southern belle
cheeky bugger i live in cornwall
says who m8, I'm northern.Ive worked all over the country for many years now, this country has many beautiful women and they don't all live as neighbours..
does anyone know why Gareth makes such sweeping statements?
Have you met ALL the women in the UK?
I think not.
We are better looking, just not as vain as some slaggy northerners
Nope. I'd hazard a guess that it is because the further from the equator you go the better looking the people get but then how do you explain Brazil.
Northern women can't all be stunners as there is lots of blokes from up north with southern women
What opticians are you using, change them.
I would hate to think I have a Northern Counterpart!
You've gotta be joking, apart from the fact that I cringe at the very thought of having to go further north than Northampton(it really is another world up there) the woman look like boilers. Clare Short. northerner, Kiera Knightly.southerner.
Rubbish. You can't generalise like that. Have you seen them all?
southern women are all thick bimbos and northern women are real women
I beg to differ..I think there is nothing prettier than Southern women. I have been to different areas and, well, I stand by that!
how dare you,have you looked in the mirror just lately!
Weren't the Fat Slags in Viz magazine northerners?
why thankyou ! we are! yorkshire lass x
It's nice to know that someone finds us Yorkshire lasses attractive. Thanks very much to you kind sir.. NOW gimmie the points.
Nicole Kidman, Olivia Newton-John, Kylie, Elle McPherson, Rachel Hunter and Holly Vallence, aren't exactly 'dogs' now are they? and they all come from Australia and you couldn't get much more southern than that!
Actually, they just seem so, because the men up north are just to pissed to see the truth.

People in general are much more sophisticated down south,
Only a slapper would ask such a quetion
i don't know about looks, that's a bit of a generalisation but as for manners and friendliness, I'd say people north of the country (in my experience) are much nicer!
Attractive as in Beauty? Or personality? Charisma? or what you poor, blind, deluded and hypnotised fool.

No difference betwen north and south, (most) all mghty fine!
Can you tell me why southerners aren't as attractive as northerners then?
I am a northern female but can't say one is more attactive than the other. Women from 'Oop North' & 'Darn South' are of equal beauty. as there as many ugmo's from both quarters!
I do agree that northerners tend to be more open and friendly than our southern sisters, but that is another debate!
Every time I go 'up north' I'm amazed by the women in the high streets.

During the day they all dress the same and have the same pasty faces. In the evening they all dress like something out of Jerry Springer The Opera.

You really, really need to get out more, but you're probably too ugly to come to London.
Where do you draw the line to define North and South, this must be known before your question can be answered.
excuse me?! I think you have this backwards. Northern women appear so harsh.
I've heard it was the other way round.
its to do with evolution and migration that happened thousands of years ago. Everyone orginatinated from Africia ( did this in psychology) and we apparently moved north as we wouldnt have survived staying further south so we had to move to live. This in turn made us healthier and our genes stronger therefore making northerners more attractive. In other words northern people have better genes!
Eh where exactly do you live - Obviously not in London