Is piercing your tongue sore and can you eat straight after?

It's a little sore but not that bad as I've had mines done twice! The first time was quite sore and I personally wasn't able to eat properly but I could eat. I stuck to soup for about two days then was fine. As long as you are using Listerine which is the anti-septic mouthwash they advise you to use, although you should use that anyway. The second time I got it done wasn't sore as I knew what it was like also I had a burger king about hour later so I didn't have a problem at all!
Of course it's gonna be sore and I wouldn't think you would want to eat straight afterward.
yes it sore and no u cant eat for a week afta
I have my tongue pierced and it got hella sore!! I couldn't eat for 3 days after. And it hurt really bad every morning and I kinda talked funny and had alot of saliva. But now I don't even feel it in there.
it hurts a lil bit but its more of a dull pain than anything. you cant eat for a few days but u can have slushies and liquids. baby food too i think
Well let's think about this for a moment. You jam a sharp nail through your tongue! I don't know but I have a feeling it's absolutely painless so go right ahead.
it is not sore when you do it but the day after it is swollen and alittle sore just keep clening and rinseing it and keep ice at all time then abouttwo days it wil be okay
Your tongue swells after having it done, sometimes it bleeds too and eating is hard work as you keep biting it and your tongue. My swelling went down after a day and I know I was very lucky as it can last up to four days. my suggestion is buy yourself some cuppa soups and try not to bite anything for a few days!
I personally haven't had it done, but a few of my friends have. They couldn't eat the rest of that day, and had to eat soft things for a few days. They all said it was very sore after, and it was very swollen so it made it hard to talk. I had my librae pierced and it was hard for me to eat fr about a week, because every time I'd eat I'd get my teeth caught on the backing of the piercing and it'd pull on it! Just make sure to take some Motrin (to help with the swelling) and keep it clean. Also, you might want to suck on some ice.that's what all of my friends did to help with the swelling also.
Don't pierce your own tongue. You can hit a nerve and paralyze your face. Have a professional do it!

I had it done years ago and it got fat and i couldn't eat for 2 days and i just drank cold milkshakes.
I don't have it now as i started to hate it.
It's a little sore yes but bearable, i think it's different for every person. I just lived on soup for 3 days. Had a bit of a lisp too for a few days until i got used to it. Now i forget it's there.
Yes it will be sore. Most people experience swelling and difficulty eating solid foods. Often people have to readjust eating habits until the piercing heals.

You will be able to eat, but probably not whatever you want. Avoid spicy and acidic food for a while as they often irritate the mouth.

Keep the piercing clean and take an anti-inflammatory and you'll be fine.
I would eat a good meal before you go because your tongue is going to be very swollen and that is what is going to make it so hard to eat you don't want to accidentally bite your tongue I would stick to soft foods like mash potatoes and oatmeal
It is painful,and the likliness is that straight after you get it done you won't be worrying about food..
when you pierce your tongue, it will swell up and become inflamed just about.. you can eat, but trust me when i say, you won't want too.. and not only will you not want to right after but for about a week it will hurt when you eat.. no milk products, only soft foods, such as soup or apple sauce.. no milkshakes.. it could cause infection.. your tongue will stay swollen for about a week maybe a few days after too.. depending on how well your body heals.. if you have any other questions about it feel free to message me or myspace me i know alot about it.. goodluck<33
It is best to have pain killers and ice as soon as you. Your tongue is going to swell major and the stud they use is bit. If you have a small mouth like me, be careful of the stud otherwise it can cause a sore under your tongue where it rests. As soon as you can, it is best to get smaller stud for you mouth.
yeah but if you put a lot of ice in your mouth in 2 days youll be able to eat. Before that is better to eat like soups and stuff but you can eat, it just hurts. Dont worry about it, is not as bad.
yes and u can not eat for days after, and u might talk funny
if u haven't done it already i do not advise u for the people i know who have done it, they all regretted it in less than a year
Yes it is sore, no, do not eat straight after.

Be sure you eat before having it pierced, and afterward for at least a day you want to stick to a fairly liquid diet so you don't move your tongue around much and aggravate the new piercing.
I've had my tongue pierced for 6 years and I can eat fine.and yes it is very sore after you get it done and very hard to eat for 2 weeks or more..and even after it has healed you have to kinda train yourself to eat in a certain way cause i chiped a tooth like 2 months after i had it done but no problems now though
I got mine done a few years ago and it wasn't too sore. Would definitely have something to eat before hand and make sure you check the place out first. Mine didn't swell that much either but maybe I was just lucky. I just kept eating ice-pops and ate soft food but that only lasted 2-3 days. Its supposed to be the least likely piercing to get infected too because it's constantly being cleaned. Just follow the cleaning instructions and you should be fine(alcohol free mouth wash, I used Dentyl).
To me biting my tongue hurt more than my tongue piercing. It is hard to eat for a few days after but after that you can eat anything. Just make sure you clean your mouth with listerine after you but anything in your mouth so you don't get a infection.
Yeh it absolutley kills! I had mine done years ago. It swells up lke a balloon, and you cant eat for a week. I lived on slim-fast and soup, and even they where hard to eat. I wouldn't advise drinking alcohol for a week either. I done this, and it made my tongue bleed, as alcohol thins the blood.

After the first week i got on ok tho, lol.
You can read the following information about body piercing healing times at Learning Center
My wife had hers done and she told me that it does hurt it but it actually does not hurt that much though! She also has her belly button done and a tatto and she said her belly button was the worse, you get the intial pain when the needle goes through your tongue but then its more of a throbbing pain with a lot of saliva and saying words funny! My wife ate 3 hours after she had hers done she ate a mcdonalds cheese burger and fries she just made them into small pieces and rolled them up and put them up the side of her mouth! The woman who pierced my wifes tongue told her she could eat after a few hours if she felt ok to and to wash her mouth with mouth wash everytime she ate and in mornings and night to keep it clean! Hope that helps
Yeah i used to have mine done and I seem to remember it being quite painful, you can eat but be sooooo careful, untill you are used to it it's easy to bite the bar by mistake and it hurts and goes right through you! (not literally!) It swells up quite a bit to so be preared for a bit of a lissshhp!!

On a brighter note once it has healed it's great!!
i had it done you cant eat or drink properly for about a week.
i don't think its worth it as it will chip you teeth in the long run.
and you look like an idiot for a week or so cos your tongue swells so much you get a lisp x
Its a little sore, but not even as bad as a nose piercing!! And no it doesnt hurt when its pierced - it just feels warm.

As for food, i got mine done on a thursday, next day was easter friday and at work we had an eater dinner laid on - proper nice big roast and melon for afters - no way i was missing out on that.
So it took me half an hour to eat this dinner!! - You just have to put food in to the side of your mouth rather than on your tongue, and be carefull whilst chewing.

I ate a lot of ice cream (great excuse hey??!) and a lot of cottage cheese.

Stay away from spicy foods and peas - Why?

Cos having small ball shaped things rolling around your tongue sends you into a blind panic thinking that your balls come off.

Oh, i was also kissing the same eveing as having it done to, just minus tongue!
I had mine done a few years ago, it wasn't as sore as i though it would be, in fact i had it done twice because I wanted it further in the back of my mouth! You can eat afterwards, i did, but you will find after a day or two it will swell and will hurt! That's when i regretted doing it but i couldn't suck up the courage to rip it out! Anyway, you'll have to learn to talk and eat again, especially rice and spaghetti, those are the hardest to eat for a long time, also saying names with 's' in them, but it all works out and now i have tried to take it out three times but always end up putting it back, mu month likes having something to play with!
I have had my tongue pierced and i can catagorically say that NO, you cannot eat straight away. In fact, for the first week, until you get the bar changed to a normal sized one, you can barely eat anything solid. It isn't sore when it is done, but afterwards it is incredibly sore. Your tongue will swell, making it difficult to talk/eat, and the bar they pierce with is HUGE to accommodate the swelling. The first week is hell, but when the bar is changed its fine. I've had mine for two years now and i love it. Just make sure you go to a trusted piercer, as they should always check under your tongue to make sure that your veins are in a safe place to pierce.