Pubic hair different color to head hair color?

I have red hair (natural) yet my underarm hair grows black. just wondered how common this was (or whether I'm just a freak of nature lol)
You're normal honey - at least in that aspect! LOL

My pubic hair is darker than my hair on my head. Different follicles, different texture, and exposure to sunlight all play a part in color.
red hair that is natural? then all your hair should be that color or light..not black
normal. im blonde and it's black
i have red brown hair. its actually pretty dark doesnt really look red but my pubes are bright orange wierd and gross but its true. i dont have an answer but i share in your wierd hair color ponder.
yes naturally the pubic hair underarms will be blak in color.
the head hair color is due to the place u r located
It is natural for your pubic hair to be a diffrent color then the hair on your head one reason for that is the gene pool maybe from a relative from many yrs ago, take me for example i am a dark blonde but my pubic hair has some brown and alot of red..and the red comes from my great grandma.
Pubic hair is often a diffrent colour rhan head colur your not a freek off nature.
usually pubic hair color is the same as your eyebrow color. what colors are yours?
why on earth is anyone interested in what colour your armpit hair is?
Women ask some absolutely ridiculous questions sometimes,have a look around you,instead of your armpit.
very common it,s called curtains not matching carpet
I have lovely blonde highlights in my head hear. I don't think it would be practical or even possible to get highlighted pubes.
You're not a freak. You have to take into consideration that the hair on your head gets more sunlight than your underarms which can have an effect on the color. I have strawberry blonde hair yet the hair under my arm is black and well not mentioning the other areas but the hair is not strawberry blonde. No worries! There are plenty of people like us.
This is very common in girls, but there is no easy way to explain why. If you are not 100 % satisfied with your answers you should look on the internet at My friends told me about it and this website answers questions that real girls ask, so if you don't like these answers try I hope this helps.
thats normal, please do not worry, body part away from sunlight would have some effect in color/texture of the skin / hair
Mine all match, thank God!
everyone has different coloured pubes. dont worry!

unless its purple
dont worry we are all freaks of nature, we are all the same!
sunlight affects the hair
because it lives in the dark
Hi,im also a natural red head all over.