I live in spain and i want to start my own lingerie business .?

I am looking for suppliers from England and Ireland but have failed to find any on the web, can anyone help me ?
Have you done your research? I say this as I live in Spain and there is a feeling of recession brewing, especially amongst the Brit shops! There is so much cheap underwear on the markets from China and then the prices seem to jump to the expensive, very little in between unless its factory seconds from the Uk and then the sizing is a shade off. I used to sell on Ebay from here, but it really isnt worth the hassle, lots of effort for very little profit and getting into the Spanish system with a business is fraught with issues. We looked into it a short while back, it takes 6 months or so to register a company, one has to go in front of notaries etc and give every detail, almost including blood group! And also, as soon as you register for the social security number, which of course you must have, social security payments must be made wether you are making any money or not, There is no threshold for payments, fixed amount of over 200€ a month! No periods of grace or no relation to profits and earning potential. Have you thought about party plan as well? Along the Costa's where there are concentrations of other nationalities, that may be something worth considering?
yes i can help you.email me at littlecherry_biz@yahoo.com
i can help you. email me. charliesmummy11@yahoo.co.uk
I have great ideas, when you begin I'll send you some of my ideas, maybe we can work together. As far as suppliers, don't know any in Europe.