Can some one sack you with out verbal or written warning?

i got the sack because i would not go out in the lorry more than 24 hours at a time although i didi my hours and more there excise was i was not flexable enough is this wright i have been in the job 7 months can any one help please
No, get legal help asap or try Cit. Advice.
good luck
It depends what it said in your contract, but no I have never heard of anyone being sacked without at least a verbal warning.
No..are you in a union? If you have been at the job 3 months or less they can sack you with no reason or warning. ANything over that and you are allowed to appeal.GO FOR IT!!!
speak to one of those no win no fee solicitors and see what they say
if what you say is true, take them to a tribunal. The demands that have been put on you are ridiculous!
No. Tell them your going down the legal route. Hey presto, job back!
If your working hours are not stated then have to have 1 verbal and 2 written warnings before you can get sacked. So probably go and see or speak to someone at department of labour. they can follow this up.
Absolutely! If you live in CA it is a no fault state and employers do not have to give you any notice or reason for your termination.
It depends what the laws are where you live. Consult with an attorney.
which country are you in?
you need to take legal advice. As far as i know, there is only one reason for not following proper verbal then written then final warnings, and that is for gross misconduct. You may have a case so go see a specialist employment lawyer. Good luck
If you have the money get a solicitor, or use your Union. If not go and see the CAB before speaking to your employee. If you trive a lorry you and your employer no doubt understand tachograph laws, the company could be shut down (or its fleet ordered off the road) if the y are persistantly breaking the rules. (Stay away from no win no fee lawyers- someone pays them, and i guess in the end it comes out of your pocket, and there is not enough in this case for them to make it worth their while)
Good luck (and yes you can be sacked without a warning, but only for gross misconduct- i.e theft)
Did you have a written contract with this company? I know someone who was sacked as she slipped and broke her hand had a doctor's note too but she wasnt in the post 12months so couldnt do anything about. Think you should get legal advice if you did your hours and you were not absent there has got to be a written warning first.
no youre employer cannot sack you without a verbal warning and or written warning as this is against the law my advice is see a solicitor to take youre employer to court
yes, your not protected until you have been in the job for 2 years. thats why the job centres are full of temp jpbs, thank Maggie thatcher for taking union power away, {UK}
Dismissal without notice is only allowed for ‘gross misconduct’, which means a situation serious enough to dismiss you without first giving a warning (such as theft, fraud or violence). An employer should always investigate the circumstance before dismissing – even in possible gross misconduct cases.

In most cases you will need to have a year's service to make a claim for unfair dismissal.
If you have no contract to the contrary, I think they can and should be able to sack you for whatever reason.

And, I believe they should be able to do this without oral or written warning.
Usually you need to be in work in a company for 18 months before you cannot legally be sacked without warning.
They can sack you for gross misconduct (refusing to obey an order)
If you were in the post 12 months your case would be stronger
but see the cab
No, first you must have a talk with the boss as to why ,what and soforth, then if the problem is not resolved, a written warning. But it seems to me you are being asked to do to many hours for driving for a start, seek legal advice, far as i know you must not drive a company lorry for more than 8 hours at a time. So your boss is in the wrong.
For some sorts of behaviour you can be summarily sacked e.g. theft or assaulting a colleague.

For lesser infractions firms usually have a disciplinary procedure in place and, depending on the issue, there is a progressive chain of punishments from verbal warning to dismissal. Look at your contract of employment and terms and conditions, and also the basic rights you have guaranteed to you by law.

Good Luck!
If you were in a probationary period verbal and/or written warnings are not necessary