I don't want to be a nurse anymore.what could I do instead?

something totally unrelated!
Am a nurse too - in UK, and have NEVER been so disheartened as I am right now! Think I may be meldoramatic but really think NHS is going under - and fast! Would love to get out too - but if new what I want would already be doing it now, have only ever wanted to be a nurse. Am interested to hear any ideas on how people manage to break free. Good Luck
Egg Tester
Lobster catcher
Marriage Guidance
Orange-tree Planter
Queen's Counsellor
Raspberry harvester
Spanish Teacher
Tortoise Importer
Umbrella manufacturer
Wallpaper designer
Yoyo expert
Zoologist (specialising in Zebu)
turn tricks but keep the uniform
you could be a safty supervisor in the oil feild as a medic pays vevy well
Cleaner ?
Get your teaching certificate and if you're brave enough, well you know the rest of the story. You get most holidays off and plenty of vacation. you'll need it.
cleaner, politician
Geez, don't nurses make a lot of money ? I know, sometimes that does not make any differance if you are bored with your job. ( or tired of putting up with the conditions of the job )Go to your local unemployment office and take an aptitude test to see where your true interests lie. If you already have an idea, research it and see if it is a feasible vocation for you. Word of advice, pick something that you would consider a privelige to be able to do.Something that would make you happy to get up for in the morning. Do it before you get any older, every year that passes limits your possibilities, but it is never too late. for most occupations. Wish you good luck, hope you find something that makes you feel like you cannot wait to get going every morning.
Take a year out and travel!! Decide when you come back :)
Flip burgers.
line cook.
deep sea diver.
nuclear energy engineer.
used car salesperson
Travel around the world. You may find your calling.or read 'Acres of Diamonds' as it'll save you a bunch of time.

Good Fortune to you. :o)
i used to be in nursing and i know it can be very demanding. this is what i do now check it out.

If you are single, Join the Air Force, selecting Computer IT as your field. They will train you, travel you around the world and pay you at the same time. After your tour, hang a BIG piece of Mistletoe on the back of your skirt and tell all would be employers, "It's Christmas".

Not Single, Study IT on your own, Net Work Manager, later, the Mistletoe will apply.
What is your passion? What have you dreamed of doing?
Read, "What Color Is Your Parachute" really good book for deciding what you want to do.
I am an esthetician and would love to have my nursing license because then I could do botox injections. You might want to give some thought to becoming an esthetician. goo money and really centering, calming work.
Nurses are underpaid. If you want lots of money, do what the guy furthur down this page says, keep the uniform become a hooker. However, I suggest just travel, care for people, because that is obviousley your nature, maybe help in Africa, or somewhere else where the yanks are messing up.do a Kate Aidi or go to anywhere you would wish you had gone if you were laying dying, and a nurse asked you if you had done all you wished in life. .
bramble picker
Why would you want to give up 4 years at uni? i am a nurse and i love my job, try a different type of nursing before you leave you might like another dept you must be well pissed off try A and E its a more exciting part of job think hard before you leave,good luck..
I can tell some of the people above have no clue. I am a registered nurse and I feel your pain. People have no clue what it takes to be a nurse.
I say take some time off if your able and heck, go to a stress free job. Work at a supermarket in the bakery or in a Sears store.
any other thing but nursing
Get married & stay at home as a house wife. give birth , play with child. have a nice marriage life.
I f there is no name in your mind for your life partner than , think about me.
look at your hobbies adnd interests are you willing to retrain in something if you want something to incorporate what you know do consulting in healthcare or civill service write your skills down and then the answer will come up to you look at different jobs you like the feel of and work out is money the force or job fun
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become a nursy gram
be a bed pan assistant
something that you really enjoy. Life is for living.
If you can afford it, take an extended holiday while you decide.