What is the average you would pay a joiner or carpenter per hour labour only?

In the UK a for a good one probably 15-20 english pounds. That is if he is "legit", obviously one who is working "on the side" will accept much less.

In the USA , their minimum wages are dictated FOR them by casual Mexican labour (or labor) so I suppose it would be much less, maybe 7 dollars or something
Look in the internet for "Prevailing Wages" in your area.
Depends on their experience, and what you want them to do. Figure around $20-$30 an hour for a good job done.
im a 2yr experiance level 2 carpenter and im worth 70quid a day
I am in Liverpool and a fully experienced and qualified joiner, self employed. I have a full order book for the next three months. My rate is a £100 per day, based on £12.50 per hour.

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My father is a time served joiner and he undercharges, £20 for Hanging a door even if hes at it all day! So I would say about £10 - £15 per hour
It's normally a daily rate so even they don't work a full day you have to pay for one which is about £120 in London and the near counties