Is 100,000 miles high for a diesel engine?

providing you change the engine oil regularly, keep the oil level topped up, use fully synthetic oil (becasue its better as developed by scientists) then 100miles is not really high and the engine will last at least twice this ammount, however the remainder of the car will wear quicker so check for full dealer service history so you know the car is looked after, check the bodyt work for corrosion.but to answer the question specifically, if the car has been serviced in accordance with the manufacturer recomended schedule then it is not a worry and will do at least twice this mileage! You could check for things like collant loss, head gasket condition as if the engine has overheated in its life then serious damage may have been done.i think that will do as my answer for now, im drunk, had a couple of lines and im really rambling on right now!! cheers and hope this helps, citroen deisel engine like 1.9 or 1.9td are pretty good if looked after!!
Depends how old it is. If it's only 1 year old then yes.10 years old, no. Diesels can take the mileage better than petrol.
No, with regular maintenence it should go 200,000
A good diesel engine, well maintained can do 250-300k easy, but depends on who made it and what's it in
Well that is just about broken in. Should be able to really ride it now
Depends how it has been treated but I have had nearly double that out of an old peugot Diesel
No it is not, many diesels go over a million miles, WHich is why they are used on large trucks and locomotives.
all depends lolol u gotta give more details about ya diesel engine am i right?
diesel engines should last at least 250,000 with out any MAJOR problems.
id be more comfortable with knowing the hourmeter reading
if it is a truck diesel engine.. no it is not very high. a LOT of those types of engines can last as much as 500,000 to even 750,000 miles
no that is nothing on a maintained diesel engine
i have a diesel renault which has done in excess of 300 000 miles and is still running well
Not really,

Some people believe that a diesel engine isn't really "broken in" till it reaches 100,000 from what I have heard.

They should really be able to go much more than that.
What's your diesel engine doing way up there?

100,000 miles is almost half way to the moon!

It won't run worth a damn up there !!!
no diesel engines are made to run like for ever 100,000 id say if it was well maintained and not beat on youll get another 400,000 out of it easely
if regular oil changes and filters are done when they should be the engine should go for300,000 mi. or more
I've seen diesels go 1,300,000 miles before a rebuild!
This is in highway trucks.
Any decent diesel engine that has been taken good care of should last 400,000 mi.
NO,just getting broken in.
its not high for any engine
I had a Peugeot 405 1800 diesel, turbo I thrashed it mercilessly for 200,000 still went OK
depends on the type, 18 wheelers engines it's not high at all
a well maintained mercedes diesel should be capable of 300,000 miles without a major rebuild. ask a london cabbie for more info.
nope not at all
No. Because the diesel engine uses less rpm to achieve maximum power, they will last far longer than other engines. A properly maintained diesel engine can do up to, and exceed one million miles. Lorry's and buses are good examples. In a car however, it's usually the car that gives up before the engine.
Well, it depends on the condition of the engine :)

If you're think of buying this, try to find out when the last timing chain was replaced. If not recently, you should get it replaced. Makes a hell of a mess if it snaps in transit.

most european diesels are barely run in Perkins are still not run in, however orientals are a bit suspect and the modern high revving high output diesels in up market saloons must be an unknown quantity at high miles.
no service regular and should be ok my neighbour has got a diesel cavalier with 350000 on the clock still going good