Can any car be turned into a convertible?

Is it possible to have any car proffessionly converted to a soft top, do you remember the old original capri it had a boot rather than a hatchback i have the chance to get hold of one but it needs restoring, not something i can do myself being a girl and all that lol i fancy buying it and getting it restored but think it would look really sexy as a soft top.
Modifing a car/truck to be a convertible can be a difficult and time comsuming job. While theoretically it can be done, there are lots of factors that may make this type of conversion unrealistic.

The biggest issue is structural integrity of the vehicle. Many vehicles made after 1980, especially cars and mini-vans, have a unibody construction. What this means is that the body of the car is the main structural component of the vehicle. Previous manufacturing methods had a solid frame of steel that ran from the front to the rear that the other components bolted to. This included the body of the vehicle. Therefore on these non-unibody vehicles, chopping off the roof would not affect the structural integrity due to the underlying frame. You can't just chop the top on a unibody type as this will greatly weaken the structure.

Most late model convertible vehicles have extra structural components that compensate for the missing roof. This not only includes structural bracing, but a re-engineering of the windshield support system, doors and window supports, seat belt supports, etc.

As you can see, chopping a top takes a lot of work, design and engineering. Hope this helps!
Of course, just drive it under a lorry trailer...
yes, you can find proffesional people that personalise your car. not in england, they are all crap. it will cost you a lot of money.

or you could get a family member to sign you up for "over haulin" and american tv show where they adapt your dream car
I think it would cost much more than locating a true convertable. That is major work. A chopped car is much easier. I can almost guarantee if you do find a place that will do it (unlikely) it is going to leak like crazy.
You can, but it will be very expensive.
For the right kind of money I think it could be fabricated. $$$$
Yes but sometimes it takes more time and money than its worth
The answer to this question is How much money do you want to spend. If there was a convertible version of this car it would not cost as much as if there was no convertible version but either way the change would cost much more than the car. I would not recommend anyone paying to have this done unless money is not an issue.
What do you mean you can't do it coz your a girl - where's you gutts! If you ask on here how - exactly how - probably you won't need to hire anyone - you'll just need to learn how to use the powertools to do - just don't chop your limbs off !
I remember a short clip on Auto Week on PBS about a conversion shop for the Ford Mustang when nobody was making convertibles. They added a reinforced floorpan under the two front seats and two crossed torsion bars to restrengthen the car.

The old, true convertibles were 2 feet longer to fold the top into a rear compartment. So you'd lose half your trunk space on a modern car. The cost of making the frame to hold the ragtop and vinyl boot as a custom job might cost you what the car is worth. I only know of kits for the Caddy and for the Chevy Suburban.
It's possible to turn any car into a convertible, but it will be expensive if done correctly. The roof is integral to the vehicles rigidity and therefore the remaining structure will have to be strengthened to make up for its removal. You might be better advised to leave the Capri to someone else and buy a convertible if that's what you want.
If tou want to spend $1000s of dollars then yes!
I don't know the answer but I think it sounds way cool!
Yup you sure can.However it will need to be reinforced on the frame.Cars or trucks that are convertibles, have heavier frames with more support gussets.And don't cut yourself down, girls can do anything guys can do.Accept pee your name in the snow.But you can learn anything you put your mind too.Good luck
Yes any car can be turnrd into a rag top. It all depends on how much you want to spend.
Not an economic proposition sorry Mick
get westwood to pimp your ride
this can be done but it can be expensive like most others say,
i did the same thing to a mk2 escort,
all i did was remove the sill's,weld in some 3in square tubeing the full length of the sill,
stopped it folding by welding a "thin" roll cage in,tarted up the bodywork and painted it sunburst yellow!!
not the prettyist thing to look at but it only cost me £1000 including car,used it for 3 summers and then binned it!!
hope this helps?
It would be cheaper to buy yourself a ready made soft top but not only that, It would ruin a classic. If it's worth doing, just restore it to original and it will be worth more than one that's been got at.
There was a company called Crayford somewhere in southern England that carried out conversions on the Capri when they were new. See

Its not an easy job - you'll need a very sound car to start with, it will need lots of reinforcing, and the hood and trim will all need to be custom made. Don't expect to get it done for less that the cost of a brand new convertible, or the hood to be as easy to use.