I keep getting a ESP light on my dashboard?

What does ESP mean or do as i have not information in my handbook?

Volks Lupo 1.0 3dr
its most likely a problem with the ecu. i would take it in to a dealer and have them run a diagnostic.
ESP is basically the traction control kicking in (Electronic Stability Programme). Best way to stop the light coming on is to slow down!

(Very surprised you have ESP in a 1.0 Lupo though!?)
ESP = Extra Sensory Perception.
What a cool accessory?
How much did it cost?
Does it tell you when your going to have an accident or does it just immobilise the car to stop you having one?
ESP and ABS work together. If there is something wrong with your ABS, the ESP light will be on as well.
ESP keeps you safe from sideslip.
ESP is the Electronic Stability programme - it only comes on if the engine computer needs to make adjustments for poor driving or road surface conditions. If it is on all the time (and you are not driving down a country road) then you should get it checked out.
Esp is electronic stability programme. i have driven the polo, golf and this is common in vw, sometimes it flashes on but another day it is off, just a malfunction of the computer. but if it persists then maybe you should check or fill your tyres up with air as this can also effect the car thus light on.

first i'd do is check if tyres are flat.