Picture of under the bonnet of a Citroen C3?

I've been learning in a Citroen C3 and could do with seeing a picture of under the bonnet of one to help jog my memory for the "show me tell me" part of my driving test (I'm in the UK)..Anyone got a link to a picture?
the show and tell usually involves lights and brake lights anything under the bonnet will be how to check the oil and water look for a for a yellow hoop big enough to get your finger through that's the dip stick to check the oil only check the water when the engine is cold your instructor should have gone through all of this with you ask for a recap on the day of your test.
show me tell me part of your test??
what are you talking about?
There are various engine configurations in the C3 so the picture could be of the wrong engine bay, take a camera on your next lesson and get the instructor to open the bonnet and let you take a picture. You could even take some labels and put them near the appropriate item, like 'brake fluid' 'screenwash' 'oil level' etc
I have just looked at the DVLA website and it makes no mention of this requirement. Link is below, please check it out.
If you still want to know have a word with your driving instructor