Can a boeing 747 fly upside down?

With regard to the answers above, the loop-the-loop answer was for the original B707 on it's introduction. A B747 could fly upside down in theory, however it would not remain airborn for very long. A more likely approach would be a barrel roll, which is possible. Hope that solves the answer.

The wings are designed to work as long as there is a relative airflow over the wing, this will also work upside down, because of the way the wing is designed, however the lift vector will not be significant enough and gravity will be pulling the aircraft down towards earth thus it will not stay flying for a longer period of time. I made the Picture Below for easier understanding. Hope this helps.
I think since it's wings are designed to fly upside up, that upside down would cause it to dive. Wings are designed for lift.
negative mate
its not designed to handle extreme G-Forces!
Yes, but not with passengers on-board.. infact I'm sure I read somewhere that on the aircraft's first test flight, the pilot pulled a loop-to-loop with it, but can't find anything online to confirm it (all search results lead to crap about Microsoft Flight sim)
No aircraft can fly upside down for a sustained time period.
i think that the wings could take it as they would be rated for a certain amount of positive G load but you will have a problem with the engines flaming out due to lack of fuel as the fuel is gravity fed. you can barrel roll a 747 though, it has been done.
it cant fly upside down
No, its not possible. Since its wings are designed in such a way that on top of the wings it produces low pressure which enables it to fly and below the wings, it is designed to push the air downwards which produces lift and it flies.

So if Boeing 747 flies upside down, the wings will force the air to go upwards which pushes the aircraft downwards.
its a big NO. passenger aircraft are not designed to do that. but i would like to see them try doing that..
Yes, i watched a show on TV called Air Crash Investigation a boeing 747-400 had engine trouble and the wing on the tail broke off and it caused the plane to go strait down but the pilots made a wrong move and made the plane go up side down they hade to fly all the way to Los Anglese Air Port about 4,000 miles they flue upside down for three hours but when they landed they landed upside down and two engines ripped off a fire apeard the fin that sticks up at the end of the tail got torn off and one wing got crushed and came off.
Now that would be something to see, however, I do not think the airframe would handle it.

On a side note, a 707 can do a barrel role, so a 747 might be able to do one as well.
maybe yes maybe no..check with the experts..
Your question is "CAN a boeing 747 fly upside down? "

The answer is yes, it can fly inverted.
yes sure a boeing 747 can fly upside down if and only if it isn't laden and it is empty and the the other condition, the owner shud think about his things inside the aircraft.