Does volkswagen still make the old type camper van?

they make the caravanelle or transporter now
No, they have somewhat become collectors items and so now are very expensive to buy second hand!
Not sure but they are available second hand
Not in germany, no.

But a few years ago they did a new concept camper which was only like the old one in style. It was packed full of gizmos. They said they may start to put it into production but it wouldn't be cheap!
no, as they were discontinued in about 1956.
They are coming out with a new one yep coming soon to VW near you bringing back the old days
no but u can pick them up on ebay but they usually need quite a bit of work doing :-( good project tho
why don't you contact them or go to your local showroom for advice
actually they never made a camper van, the ones you could buy were regular vans kitted out by licencees. they currently make the california, which is a full-on rv and various vans that can be outfitted accordingly.
The one they make currently is called the "California". It's got the pop-up roof we all know and love as well as the seating, stove, etc. we're all familiar with. I don't think you can buy it in the U.S. or Canada, but you can certainly buy it overseas and have it shipped here. A friend did that a few years ago. (He took his wife over with him for a holiday - travelled with their new van to save money on hotels - then dropped it off to be shipped here. Even with shipping, he saved thousands of dollars.)
Not exactly, but they do exist.

The old type camper vans were conversions of the van that Volkswagen produced at that time. I don't think any of them were actually built by Volkswagen as camper vans. Dormobile, Westfalia, etc. carried out the conversions.

Volkswagen do Brasil still produces the old Type 2 van (they call it Kombi) upon which the campers were based. It is not available from Volkswagen dealers in Europe.

Danbury Motor Caravans near Bristol ( ) are importing some of these old type Kombis from Brazil and producing camper van conversions.

As Braingamer said, Volkswagen do now produce a factory camper van called the California, based on their latest Transporter van. Follow the link in that answer for details.