/can you drive a smart car on a full motorcycle licence?

ligiersaredevilspawn is 100% correct, all the rest are way off the mark.
No..completley diffrent licenses
no one a car(4 wheels) and one a motorbike(2 wheels)
no.soz u can't..
Are ya having a BUBBLE??
Did you miss the common sense class at school?
you can drive a dumb car though, heres your sign
NO! and you would not want to tell a officer you thought you could you would be calling someone to pick you at jail.
Where did you get that idea? A long, long time ago, when there were three-wheel cars, you could drive one with a motorcycle licence, providing it didn't have a reverse gear. The Smart car is a car. I've seen them doing over 70 mph on the motorway. Wouldn't buy one. I've never driven an automatic and don't want to start now.
The answer is no as it has 4 wheels, you can only drive a 3 wheeler on a motorcycle license!.
No and why on earth does any one want a Smart, you will have to go for a Reliant, if they are still around .
You can drive three wheeled cars only on a full motorcycle licence. I did many years age , I had a Robin Reliant and a Bond Mini car - three wheeler , which had tyres that then fitted wheel barrows. I did drive it London to Edinburgh at a speed of no more than 35 MPH and I had ti refit new tyres at Doncaster because all the rubber had worn. I must have been mad .
No. The smart is a car, according to European vehicle classification.

You can drive a 3-wheeled vehicle (e.g. a Reliant Robin), and some types of quadricycle (e.g some versions of the micro-cars from Ligier and Aixam).
No it is a car, although a silly-looking car.
Man, these guys should get a clue. WHY ANSWER QUESTIONS YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT?

Do you have a category B1 on your driving licence, this was given with a motorcycle licence up until recently when they stopped doing so (think it was 2002 but not sure so check your licence)?

A B1 licence allows you to drive three OR FOUR wheeled vehicles which weigh equal to or less than 550kg unladen - this means the weight of the car minus the driver, fuel and oil (or for electric cars the batteries). The car must also be capable of at least 35m.p.h. There are no upper level power restrictions!!! Bizzarely this means you can drive some very fast sports cars but not a ford fiesta.

You can drive four wheeled cars on a bike licence because I do it! I have a ligier Ambra 500cc diesel (pants things - 0-60 in never, literally, has a top speed of 55 mph and takes hours to get there) and a reliant kitten ( a four wheeled reliant 850 petrol - get one of these they are ace but are very dated), anyone who is going to post saying I am breaking the law - First I am a law student and researched it thoroughly, including contact with D.V.L.A. Second I got pulled over by the police 2 weeks ago in my kitten was given a producer which I did and they accepted all was in order.

I have a few friends who claim the 600cc Smart Cars come in at this weight but can not confirm as I have not had any desire to get one of these after the joys of ligier ownership. Your best bet would be to speak to your local Mercedes dealer about the technical data for the year of the model you are after.

Just as a sideline have you considered maybe a caterham or westfield - I know some of their models come in under weight as I am actually saving for a megabusa.
No you need a drivers licence.