I have lost my Internet Explorer, how do i get it back, please?

Here is the download link for Internet Explorer 6 sp1 http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/detai.

Here is the link for Mozilla Firefox 1.5 http://www.mozilla.com/

If you are using some-one elses pc right now, download one or both of the above, transfer to your pc via USB flash drive or write them to a cd, then install (by double clicking on file), follow all on screen instructions.
Don't. Switch to Firefox.
How are you on right now.?

Anyways, I think you go to the recycle bin and get it back. I think, I'm not exactly a computer genius.
go to microsoft.com and download it. You should use firefox but you should also have IE because it is crucial for Windows
get one of those free internet discs from the supermarket (just not AOL)
well you cant really use it cuz if you did windows woudlnt work.

you probably just deleted its shortcut.

even though you would be better off using firefox, you can go to Start->run. type in iexplore.exe then press run that should start up that abandonware for you.

I really hope it works but you need firefox.
you can try your ie7 beta


or try http://avantbrowser.com
Try Start>Set Program Access and Defaults>Add/Remove Windows componants> and make sure you have Internet Explorer checked off

This may only work for Windows XP

But I sort of agree with those that say you should get firefox or download the new version of IE
Just download it again here.


Or, go to "settings" "control panel" "add/remove programs".scroll down to Microsoft Internet Explorer and click on "change/remove".It will bring up another menu and allow you to choose "repair." That should bring it back.

Good Luck
Here Download from Microsoft

Check with local police first, maybe it,s been handed in, if not make sure it hasn,t been taken by small children or animals, if all that fails put advert in local press offering substantial reward for return.
If you are a novice PC user, it's possible you just lost the shortcut from your desktop.

Internet Explorer is still on your computer.

Right click on an empty part of the main screen of your computer.
Choose 'New' and then 'Shortcut'.

Type EXACTLY this in the box that comes up :

"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE"

Include the quotation marks.
Click OK.
That should bring back your shortcut.

When you get more used to the PC, I recommend switching to Firefox.
Switch to Firefox its a lot better, try it and see for your self,,,