I'v downloaded Firefox. If I now uninstall Internet Explorer (it's corrupted) will Firefox still work ok?

I would probably reinstall Explorer in a while anyway.
Yes, firefox will work fine. But if you delete Internet explorer, your windows operating system might not function properly. Also, you can't get windows updates as Microsoft website does not recognize other browsers. If your Internet Explorer is corrupted, you can temporarily delete it and then reinstall a new one from Microsoft website using the firefox browser. Then you can use firefox for browsing and Internet explorer for getting updates and anything else you need it for.
well, it doesn't matter then . and yes firefox works independently.
Yes. Firefox is by Mozilla, IE by microweenie.
Yes IE has nothing to do with Firefox. Firefox is better anyways.
Yes, it will.
don't UN-INSTALL explored, it is required for windows to function properly, just don't use IE as your browser!
Firefox will work fine without IE, but your computer won't. Microsoft integrated IE so closely into Windows that if you delete IE, you will also delete a lot of files that Windows needs in order to operate, and you cannot download these files to replace them. Even if you reinstall IE, you won't be reinstalling these files-- it's Bill Gates' revenge on you for deleting his worthless browser.
Yes, it'll all be fine!
ooh hoo be careful. dont uninstall internet explorer if u dont have to. The problem is it might affect other applications, explorer or worse ur OS itself. That is because mirosoft uses some shared modules across its browser and OS.
Also lot of application use a Internet explorer shell for displaying. these applciations may also not work.
hope this helps
Firefox will work just fine without IE but be advised that there ARE websites out there that Firefox still has issues with (there are incompatibilities) and certain sites that won't interact with it (Music@aol is one such site - MTV for another at the last visit).

I would reinstall IE, but keep your defaults to FireFox/thunderbird. That way, if you do have issues, you can always use IE over Firefox short term.

Hope this is somewhat useful..

NO! Don't uninstall I.E., one of the issues is that I.E. is integrated with Windows Explorer. You'll have so many problems it won't be funny.
Just go to http://www.microsoft.com and download Internet Explorer and Tweak UI. Use Tweak UI to repair I.E.

Then install Firefox and use it for general browsing, its s lot safer when you're visiting an unknown site becaue it doesn't support Active X.
If you are visiting a completely new site go to Tools - Options - Content and temporarily untick Allow Javascript. Many problems are installed on your pc using Javascript.

Also download and install Spywareblaster, which prevents malicious changes to your browser, and Avast! anti virus which will break the connection if a page tries to load a virus. Ewido anti trojan is an excellent scanner.
Firefox will work fine, but your computer will not!

If you delete Internet Explorer, you end up deleting half of your computer and it won't work properly. So there are two things you can do:

1) Delete the shortcuts to Internet Explorer and pretend it was never there.

2) Download the new Internet Explorer (http://www.microsoft.com/ie ) and see if that works.

When I switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox, I just pretended it wasn't there, and it's worked quite well.

I almost forgot the third option!
3) Uninstall Internet Explorer, and pay a computer technician $500 to figure out why your computer isn't working, then another $2000 to reinstall windows

I hope you find a way to hide away Internet Explorer
Happy Firefoxing!
yes it will work