If there really is life after death , why do people worry about dying?

Because they're afraid it'll be Hell they go to. I don't believe in life after death, i believe in rebirth. I believe when you die, you're reborn as a child. You have no idea of your previous life, but you tend to get traits from it, like the saying goes. Maybe i knew you in a past life, or something. =]
Often, they worry about the people they are leaving behind.. spouses, children, friends, pets.

I know that when I die I will be in heaven, but it makes me sad to think of my husband being sad and missing me.
Well nobody has come back and told us how great it is on the other side, so we worry, and with reason.
some beleive that u choose ur rebirth, so as to teach u more knowledge, u choose the next rebirth and it is mapped out
Well i will freely admit I'm terrified of death. Its mainly because I don't believe in god and heaven so I think what was the point of experiencing life and having a personality and a soul if that is going to disappear with me. It truly scares the s**t out of me.
People are worried about dying because maybe there isn't life after death. These people who are worried about dying believe that a person will go to heaven or hell or just lie in the ground a long lost soul forgotten by people surrounded by them.
its HOW you die,you should worry about! lol
When your dead you wont know! as the saying goes your a long time dead! so just enjoy it while your here
For me, it would be not wanting to endure pain or not knowing how I will die. I am not afraid of "walking the valley of the shadow of Death" but fear of death is a natural instinct of survival. Hope I helped. As a Christian, I am not afraid of death because there will be no true death.
I don't believe in the afterlife, but i'm not afraid of dying! Its living that worries the hell out of me!!
not everyone believes theres life after death
because people are afraid of the unknown and nobody knows what happens 2 you after
In most cases it's not the dying they are worried about, it's the way they will die that worries them and all the people and things they have to leave behind, I believe in life after death and I am not worried about dying a natural death in my sleep would be great like my Dad, but I don't like the idea of an horrific death.
Only some people worry about dying. Personally, I do not believe in death..Sure our body dies, but our soul just passes next door, so to speak.
I have had so much proof of life after death.
I'd have to say that I imagine its the not knowing that makes ppl worry. Personally I think we're here to learn and try an better ourselves. But there are that many conflicting thoughts on it all - we'll just have to wait and see.
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Because if there is life after death then people will have to face up to the consequences of their actions on earth.
I think it could be that nobody knows what will happen to them after they die, where they will go, so they are afraid of that.
Because nobody knows for sure.

I think atheists get pissed off because if they are right they don't get to say "Told you so" and if us believers are right - they're gonna have to listen to it for eternity.
Because we are afraid of things we dont know. We need to see to believe. We dont want to leave evrything we love for something we dont even know if exists.
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