Who's currency, in what nation, is worth most? U.S., U.K. Japan? Is 1yen worth more than pound? etc?

Who's currency in the world is worth the most?

What nations currency is worth the most in the world? Japan - the Yen, Britian - the Pound, U.S. - the dollar, etc. Whose? The Euro, used in many Europeon countries. What Currency is worth the most in the world today?

Please answer if you honestly know the correct answer. Thank You.
On exchange alone I think it is the Cypriot (Greece not Turkey) pound. Its worth about £1.20
The Pound, The Euro, The Dollar and last the Yen. High to Low. The Yen is worth next to nothing.
U.K.'s pound is 1st, then U.S. dollar 2nd, then Japan's Yen 3rd
I'm pretty sure that the euro is worth the most, i know the dollar is really not worth more than a pound. ummmm.. that's all i got hope i helped a little.
Brits always get the best deal when going abroad as it has the highest value but its not good for import export.

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I think the British pound has been the strongest for a long time, although how long it stays strong remains to be seen.
Regardless of any economic indicators every country on the globe holds cold hard american cash.its the only one they have faith in. I saw this on a program on discovery several months ago..I was amazed. We don't print so much cash in the US because our people hold onto there are trillions of dollars sitting in foreign banks the world over. They hold US dollars and gold bullion.
Kevin is right, until the Cypriots move to the euro it is the Cypriot Pound which is worth about £1.20 in sterling

The pound sterling is next
£1 = $1.87

£1 = 1.47 Euros

£1 = 221.75 Yen
its new zimbabwe dollars which has a current value of ZWN1=US$4 or ZWN1=GB£2.14
on top of the list in new zimbabwe ollar and kuait dinar comes next while maltese lira comes third.
on the bottom of the list vietnam dong. you can get 30,000 dong for one GB£.
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when you said worth the most, did you mean the absolute exchange figure? if so, one British pound values more than one US dollar, or one Euro, or one Yen.

but if you mean the purchasing power of the currency, then I'm afraid one US dollar might get you more!

Also, although British pound is very strong, in most Asian countries, the major currencies are US dollars and Euros, not GBP.