If you have graduated how do you include that in the title of your name? And should you do so?

For example if you have a BA(Hons) in Arts would you say:

Best Regards

John Smith, BA (Hons) in Arts.
As I understand it, you can just put the letters BA or Bsc after your name. I would advise against doing this in informal situations as it could appear pretentious.
No you would say

John Smith, B.A.
Depends on the culture but B.A's B.Sc's etc..being relatively common I generally teach my students to avoid people who use B.A. (Hons) after their name. Get a doctorate and then start crowing.
unless its a Phd nothing should be added to your name
Just don't - only prats use their letters after their names.
Only include it if you have PHD
I would say, don't. I know what it's like when you've just graduated, you want everyone to know. I have a friend who put it on his cheque book!

You've written it correctly if you insist.

But I think it looks uncool. YOU know you've got a degree, you don't need to tell everyone.

Of course put it in your CV - and maybe if you are signingf a petition which relates to your degree or something.

Anyway, well done with your degree!

Suzita Smith BA Hons, MA (Social Anthropology)
Unless its a phd or some medical thing, I don't believe anything is put after your name.
It depends who you're trying to impress. You can put the designatory letters after your name for business or academic purposes, but they might think you're showing off if you show them on the pub dart board.

Old Know All BSc (Hons) BHum FIMA APMI AILE AKC
I don't - can came across as a bit lame & up-yourself!
I have graduated, but I would not use the letters after my name, unless necessary in some way, such as showing qualifications of members of a faculty..

The only time I ever received post with my name and qualification on it was on a congratulations card from my late grandmother. She was having a little joke.
if it was me i would just call myself john smith

but U would be john smith BA
Only in a professional setting. If you are just writing to a friend or relative.you sound like a git.
If a University Graduate needs to ask questions like this, I'm glad I didn't go.

graduated 8 year go and all use is BA (Hons). I do not include the subject as it the level of education you are publicising.

You generally do not list a bachelor's degree anymore since it is a fairly common degree to have.the general rule of thumb is to list a masters and above or any designation you have accomplished and have the righ to use like the CA or CFA designation.For an Masters or PhD, the name should be written as follows: Your Name, PhD (your specialization) or Your Name, MBA
Personally I wouldn't use it as it is a bit pretentious don't you think? What you are saying is 'look at me I'm really clever' and you would probably mime out the apostrophes as well

But having said that I don't have a professional qualification and I would look kinda silly putting Stephen Hawking 'o'level C.
As everyone said, get a MA than a Phd!!

Regards, Dr Brad Hunt, BSC MA PHD
Unless you are a medical doctor or a Professor you NEVER put your degree before or after your name.

It looks truely horrible.
Not really.

Let your actions speak for themselves

Michael Hughes, B.Eng (Hons), BA, DoA, PMT, MD, PM
Also if you have a PhD. either use PhD after your name, or Dr before your name. Don't use both.
I use 'Colin Smith BA (Hons)' on my business card and CV and will change to 'Colin Smith BA (Hons) MSc' when i complete my masters.

Don't use it anywhere else.
Nah, I wouldn't use it. its quite pretencious. i would use it when i achieve my phd. but not before then.