Difference between research proposal & research report?

just tell me the differences between research proposal and research report
Proposal: before you have done it. Report: after you have done it. The first is about convincing someone or a qualified group that your research proposal is sound (in its method, approach, knowledge of the field,etc.) and deserves financial support; the second places before others a brief summary of what you have found or concluded, so that they can decide if they wish to see your full research. People who complete a Ph.D. dissertation write a summary of their research , usually a page or two, which is available in Dissertation Abstracts in the United States, and those who wish can request the dissertation from the library where it has been deposited or from University Microfilms (or whatever the current form).
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justf rom the question it seems to me that a propsal is where a recercher is aproching a target group e.g a charity to ask thm weather they are willing to partake in a recerch programe and a report is where a recercher had done the recaerchand the final draft is writen up with the results?
Research proposal means you are considering doing research and putting a case for it.
Research report means you have done the research and are presenting the results.
Research proposal: you give the idea about what do you want to research, how to do it,a nd other stuffs about the research. This is before you're doing the research. basically informing someone about the research you'll be doing.

Research report: you give the result/what have you achieved in the research. this is informing the progress of your research or the result of your reserach.
In a research proposal, you are proposing (suggesting) what you will later report on. If accepted, then you perform the research that you proposed and write the research report. The research report is the finished product, while the research proposal is just saying what you plan to do.
Genuine research is expensive. A research proposal is much the same as a business proposal containing cost for conducting and benefits derived from the research to be done. Basically, it's the request for funding.

A research report is the end result. It will contain a summery, details, statistics, and a conclusion reached.
A research proposal is the "what I am going to research and why". It represents the arguement for your chosen area, the methods you are going to use, the way you are going to validate data and why your research area is relevant. Your proposal is assessed and suggestions made by your tutor that can help you with the actual research.

A research report is the "what I have researched and what I have found". This is longer than the proposal and represents the arguement for your chosen research (the "why" from your proposal), the methods used and an evaluation of whether these were effective, the data gained and what this data indicates. Are there any surprises in your data - could this be a result of the methods used? After your analysis of the data, you should round off the report with a conclusion.

The main difference between the proposal and the report is the process of evaluation. After you have done the research you are in a position to evaluate and analyse the methods you have used.

If you are going to start a research project I would advise you to start a diary now to log everything that happens so you can keep track of events.
Proposal means is the act of proposing something/course of action proposed(eg. offer of marriage).Report means description,summary or reproduction of a scene ,speech,law case etc,for newspaper publication or broadcast.
Research proposal & research report are the different sides of a same coin ,you can say action.
Research proposal is a preparation of some topic on which you have come to the conclusion to do some thing.
If the research is finalise and approved by authority then you will take action and you will go for making report.And then you will go for actual research that is the result.
Here is an example of a research proposal.



Example of research report.



I hope the examples help you distinguish the difference and give you ideas for your report.