If u rub an onion on the sole of your foot you can taste it about 30 minutes later? Has anyone tried this?

Frequently. Didn't realise other people knew about it. Think I'll start up a support group. Personally, I prefer shallots.
You saw this on "Brainiac" on tv last week.Garlic works better..
I can't think of any good reason why I might want to. Even for scientific curiosity.
No because i want to eat the onion with hot dogs not with my foot.
no but if i pick up a birds eye beef burger,my fingers stink for a week!!
y would u do this
No. I don't think I want to, thank you very much.
I never heard of that
i hate onions
i do it regularly whilst watching my old thomas the tank engine videos (god bless ringo starr)
You have way too much time on your hands!
Riiiiiiight ok then, yeah because we have tatse buds on our feet!
So if you tread in dog turd with bare feet and don't wash them fo 10 hours urgggghhhhhhhhhhh
no lol do u mean u lick ur foot or just a taste appears in your mouth lol
I wouldn't want to try it, but sometimes we can 'taste' things where all we have actually done is smell them.

Now I'd rather not contemplate the smell of onion rubbed on hot sweaty feet! - I was just about to go and get something to eat!
hmmmmm, thats quite interesting if its true.but no, i've never tried sorry.
Really ?
Is that true ?
What if you stuck a finger up your ar5e 15 minutes after rubbing your foot with an onion and 15 minutes later sucked your finger ?
What would that taste of I wonder ?