If lava melts rock wouldn't lava melt the volcano?

ever seen a baked Alaska? Ice cream in a cake baked in the oven, reverse the temperatures for liquid stone in a volcano
Since when does lava melt rock?
It usually does, thats why there is a big hole in the top that gets bigger
Er, good point! I can at least explain it on the outside of the volcano: the lava might be able to melt the rock just under it, but seeing as it's all cooling down it wouldn't melt to very deep, and it would solidify again soon.

it cools as it reaches the surface and spreads out so thats why a volcano changes over time
it does, but only where it touches the surfaces of rock in the chambers and flumes that it is flowing through.it can't melt a whole mountain
Lava doesn't necessarily melt the rock. It is molten rock, but it comes from deep below the surface. It is not so hot as to melt everything it touches.
Lava is erupting due to the pressure underground. When it blasts out it's shooting up into the air and eventually does melt the rock around it.
thats y it goes whoosh
its not lava until it erupts out of volcano its magma
i actually asked my science teacher this question aparently its cause the rock is basically made odf the lava so there fore it is used extreame tempretures i hope it helps it sounds dinny i know but my teaher told me
Nah, ya nugget, its fresh from the bowels of the earth, the second its on its way out it starts to cool down, use your heed man!
No for 2 reasons.

1. the lava is cooling when it erupts and
2. where the hot lava touches unmelted rock, that rock dissapates the heat, so the lava only melts a small amount of the valcano, not the whole thing.
Probably, it melts the upper crust and thats how it erupts.The first spilt lava forms a layer on the rock around thereby creating a layer just allowing a little damage to the rock but at the same time act as a protective layer from further eruptions.
lava doesn't melt rock, lava IS melted rock!
The lava is part of the volcano. I think that it does melt it, but the lava itself builds up when it cools. The side of the mountain is often blown out when the force is excessive.(pyroclastic).
thats a good theory
ha ha i am your biggest fan, i have now answered all your questions (probably not up to the standards you require) but hey, i still ended up getting ten points from ya, cheers hun xxx
No because the volcano isnt rock its cooled lava
lava is rock.