How many words do you fit on one A4 sheet (hand written)? approximately??

depends on how big u write
i write small so i can get thousands
depends how big you write and the size of the word like "do" is smaller than "approximately"
By comparison, double-line spaced text with 1-inch margins all around on letter-sized (A4) paper in standard 10 character per inch courier font is usually taken to yield 250 words to the page. Handwritten, single-line spaced, no margins (to go to the other extreme) could be over a thousand - given the extreme variation in handwriting styles, I don't see how you can calculate an average.
About 160, 16 lines approx 10 to a line
if you say around 300 then you'll be about right if you have av. size writing
Have you got lines off your teacher?
Small hand writing about 300 words
I get around 12-15 words per line with my handwriting. My A4 pad has 32 lines on it, so that would be around 400 words per page.