Noon - is it 12.00a.m. or 12.00 p.m.?

Noon = 12:00 noon
Afternoon = 12:01 pm
Midnight = 12:00 midnight
Morning = 00:01 am
noon is 12:00 pm and midnight is 12:00 am Isn't that strange?
it is 12 noon i suppose
Noon is 12pm.. It you think of it in 24 hours it's much easier. Midnight is 0:00 Noon is 12:00
12pm because 12am is midnight

12pm = noon
12am = midnight
Noon is at 12pm. 12am is midnight.
it 12 pm because the morning is over.
2 points. ps pm is noon
i suppose at 12 exactly it is noon past 12.01 it is pm
Noon is 12pm
It's neither AM or PM. Noon is a transition between the two. So it's "12 noon", or "12 midday". However as soon as 'noon' has passed, as in 12:00:01, it then becomes PM.

Same with midnight. It's "12 midnight". And again one second later at 00:00:01, it becomes AM.
A.M. stands for after midnight
P.M. stands for pre midnight

so therefore 12 noon is PM
its 12pm
Noon is12.00 p.m.
12:00pm is noon
12:00am is midnight
12 Noon is p.m.
for 2 pts it's Noon. For 10pts, txs but with so many right answers + a couple of smarty ones as well plus one who supposes rather difficult. So don't give 10 anywhere.
noon is PM

I only know it about 2 weeks , it's strange like hell.
noon means mid day, or 12 hours pass the day. your day starts at 12am. 24 hours system shows this clearly. 12am is 0000, 12pm is 1200. thus noon is 12pm, the start of evening.
12am 24pm
12 noon
When I was younger, I joined a camp. There, when one refers to noon, it is 12n.n.
Sister, are you pulling my leg ah ha? There's no such thing as n.n. People just call it 12:00 without any "tails"(a.m./p.m.).
a good question but i think it is a.m b'cos it separates morning and afternoon of which before afternoon there's morning and again it separates evening and morning. so really i think it is a.m
Noon (midday) or Midnight are neither a.m. or p.m. You should aways say "12:00 noon" or "12:00 midnight" NOT 12:00am or 12:00pm.
A.M. means ante-meridian (before midday) and P.M. means post-meridian (after midday)
Neither. AM and PM are ante and post meridiem ie before and after meridiem or midday (noon). 12noon is not before or after therefore not am or pm. Midnight can be both am or pm ie it is both 12hours before and 12hours after meridiem or midday. The terms 12am and 12pm should be avoided, use 12noon or 12midnight instead or 24hour clock.