Are midget mens penises the same size as ordinary men or are they in proportion to their body?

Midget men leave three tracks in the sand when they walk nude on beach.
Reported. plus 2 points
probably the same size some even bigger.
Mini me is hung like a donkey apparently
open your mouth and find out,
I watch pornography on the net. (Dont ask me why,etc)

I have seen midgets & dwarfs, both male and female, and note:

Mens penises are mostly in propotion to their body. Only, the testicles are almost hidden. They perform mostly oral to women, or on their backs. Women have breasts much larger than their proportion. They are mostly copulated in gang-bangs,and perform
oral, anal & straight.

It gives a funny butterfly-in-the-stomach feeling when see them
in the nude.
well . the penises of midgets are longer than their height . they can climb a two-storey building just with the help of their tool .

I really hope someone answers this properly. Its the most interesting question I've seen on here today.

Did that person up above really report you or were they just joking?

There should be a feature on this service where you can report people for being dicks. 3 dick alerts and you're out. 2 dick alerts and your avatar changes to a picture of a midget's penis.

What's the difference between a midget and a dwarf?

If 2 midgets mate, will the child definitely be a midget? Could it be normal size? if so, what are the chances? Is there any possibility it could turn out to be a dwarf?

Can midgets buy kitchens with small doors and low work tops?

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggghh. A million midget questions now and I can only ask 5 queries a day. We should set up and make a fortune.
why do you want to know weirdo
In relation to the kitchen work tops bit yes the can, low cookers & everything, it's the same as for people in wheelchairs
I think its proportional and hey that woman "les b" shut up ok?
I can't say for sure, but I would assume it's proportionate to the body, just like the internal organs.
Hmmmmmmmmm Robert, I don't know the answer, but the midget porn watcher most likely has it right.
The only thing I would add is the difference between midgets and dwarfs - one being a perfectly in proportion mini human, and the other having mis-matched proportions. So perhaps midgets do and dwarfs don't? Or the other way around.
They will be no difference
no they are longer as they get all the growth but they do drag a bit
Really, if you want to know about genetics and scientific things, why don't you actually do some research?
no but you are
Never seen a midget
Typically in midgets and dwarves, ALL appendages are shortened. I said TYPICALLY, just as the adult normal sized male's penis is 4.5 inches. Some are longer, somne are shorter, but on the whole, they are in proportion to their bodies.

To Johnny150171, little people dont get custom kitchens they are too expensive to have custom built and there is precious little cupboard space available to little people as it is. Not to mention also having to move the over the counter electrical outlets, etc. Their most common solution is to have ramps built which allow them to reach standard countertops.

Midgets marry and have children all the time. Its almost unheard of for a midget couple to have a midget child. Most all have normal sized kids, which can be tough, when you have your 5 year old muscling you for the remote.

Tell you the truth, Im not sure what the difference is between dwarves and midgets. Something I seem to remember reading years ago makes me think dwarves are sterile or are otherwise incapable of breeding, which is why you see fewer and fewer of them. Im not even sure what causes dwarfism. If I'm wrong about sterility in dwarves, I apologize to all the little people who just read this. Its ignorance, not malice.
they can carry 2 cups of coffee and a dozen donuts at the same time!
Thanks for the 2 points,,,,,and I'm not telling until the 3rd date
wow, good question. i never wondered before. I think they are probably same as ordinary men.
I don't know, but very interesting question. Bert T though must know some small men if 4.5" is his idea of average, not round these parts it's not!
you would have to be off kilter to walk around asking midgets do they have big sticks i mean think about it
Good question. I'm sure the answer is out there somewhere.
yeah sure / just think / the suction pulls the phallus stretches and in larges/ the size of the person doesn't matter it depends on the the suction how tight the sucker is/ yaddadamean
I have always wondered this about the Pillsbury Dough Boy also.
I cannot even imagine why you'd want to know this but my guess would be proportionate to body size, that would only make sense.
couldn't tell you my self so if Johnny150171 doesn't mind
I'll go with he's