Which King was it who changed his religion so that he could divorce?

And who was the founder of the Church of England?

(Please will you try and give me sensible answers, thank you).
King Henry the 8th. He was a devout Catholic right up t the point where the pope refused him the right to re-marry. Knowing he could not change this and being bound by religious law, he established the church of England in order to transcend these laws and make his own. Our country has been paying for that man's right to shag,have the latest pretty young thing on his arm and have his own way for centuries.
Because of this, we now have a nation in many places torn by sectarianism.
Also, It was his illegitimate child to Ann Boleyn (whom he had beheaded) that ended up ruling England for over 40 years (Queen Elizabeth) It was an interesting period of time to say the least.
King Henry the VIII
Henry the Eighth in answer to both questions.
It was Henry VIII
henry viii wasnt it?
It was Henry VIII, the manipulative old rogue, and he also kept his title of Defender of the Faith when he started the CofE.
King Henry the VIII
Definately Henry the eighth. Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived (as he died before the final wife)
Henry VIII
henry 8th
Henry the 8th actually created the Church of England and made himself (or the monarch as standard) head of this church in order to give free reign over passing laws.
Henry the 8th. so he could divorce Cathrin and marry Ann bolin (who he later executed). he set up the church of England with himself as the head (defender of the faith). he then confiscated all the catholic land, money and Church's. he nocked a lot of the old Churches down and built new ones from the bits of old ones.
henry the viii, divorce was better than keep beheading his wives
Henry the 8th changed religion so that he could divorce and his daughter Elizabeth founded the church of England in order to stop civil wars between Catholics and Protestants.
as far as I am aware King Henry VIII founded the Church of England to enable him to divorce and remarry. Which is quite ironic because until recently the C of E didn't allow divorcees to marry in their churches!
king hennri the 8th. he changed from catholic to protestant. he actually invented the protestant church so that he could divorce and he got rid of any of the rules that he didn't agree with from the catholic religion. hope this helps.
King Henry the eighth wasn't allowed to divorce his wife because he was catholic, so he created the church of england.

(I don't know why he didn't just behead her like he did with the others)
The answer to both questions in Henry the 8th. He was proclaimed Defender of the faith by the Pope and then cut himself from Rome! This allowed him to divorce, stopped the crown versus church debate when writing laws and also made him alot of money when he dissolved the monasteries.
Henry VIII. He married 6 times:
Divorced: Catherine of Aragon (mother of Mary
Beheaded: Anne Boleyn (mother of Elizabeth)
Died: Jane Seymour (mother of Edward)
Divorced; Anne of Cleves
Beheaded: Catherine Howard
Survived: Catherine Parr

Having already been divorced once, the Pope refused to let him divorce a second time. So Henry VIII set up the Church of England. However, he was also short of £, so by setting up the Church of England he was able to ban the Catholic Church, which meant he got all the Catholic churches' money through the dissolution of the monasteries!

As an aside, the Pope made him 'Defender of the Faith', meaning the Catholic faith, before the fallout - and even now British monarchs hold the title, yet are not allowed to marry (or be!) Catholics!

It has always amazed me that people think Prince Charles could not have married Camilla when the Church of England was set up so the King could marry when divorced! And King Edward had to abdicate not because Mrs. Simpson was a divorcee but because she was Catholic - a point that is very rarely made!
Henry 8th
Henry 8th
Henry VIII to both.
King Henry VIII is the answer for both, it was Katherine of Aragon he wanted to divorce and the churchy dude said no you can't and he went pah, yes I can, I'm King and I'll do as I please, lets just change some of these rules about and call it Church of England,lovely, now I can divorce her muahahahaha.

Well it wasn't the exact wording, but you get the idea. Apparently he tried to say the marriage wasn't proper, he was betrothed to her by his father, I found a good site that I know has the correct information, because I learnt it.
henry the 8th. he went on to have 6 wives!!
You should know this, you've been told often enough. It was Henry the viii. Also, it was Charles i who lost his head, not the other one.
King Henry VIII is the answer to both of your questions. He also did other stuff like decided that the king should have power over the church where previously it had always been assumed vice versa.
King Henry VIII so he could marry anne bolyn mother of elizabeth I, didn't really matter since his first wife, catherine, died pretty soon anyway, there were rumors that henry had her poisoned because some people claimed that catherine's heart was black when she died, a sign of poison and other's claimed it was the work of anne, who was thought to be a witch because of the mark on her neck and the sixth finger she supposedly had on one hand
King Henry VIII