How do you reference the data protection act in you reference list, in the style of harvard?

I am writing an assignment and I have quoted the data protection act however I cannot find out how to write this as a reference in my list at the end of the assignment. Please help! Raymo 51 please dont!x
Hi dougal, hope the studies are going well.

Referencing legislation is simple.

Either write "Data Protection Act 1984" under a heading of 'Legislation' in the bibliography or if you have cited a number of sections or paragraphs of the act then. the heading is the same. The name of the act etc. becomes a sub heading, then you list the relevent bits, i.e


Data Protection Act 1984

S.1 (2) (a).
S.2 (1) (b).

and so on depending on how the legislation is set out.

For the main body of text, state the act and and what the relevent piece of it says then put in a foot note for the section , paragraph etc.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.
i had to do this at uni the answer is simple: the same way you would reference a book or a website. look for the act online and reference that.