What's the difference between a B.Ed and B.A. degree?

bachelor of education and bachelor of arts i think
Bachelor of Education
Bachelor of Arts

Different subjects!
A B.A. degree is a generalist degree. A B.Ed will have several classes specifically designed to provide a teaching certificate upon graduation. It could be in elementary or secondary education for example. In secondary education it might be in history or english for example. With new federal and state guidelines most schools offer classes to take the state and federal tests for certification.
B.Ed is a Bachelor of Education (a degree in teaching etc) a BA is a Bachelor of Art (a degree in English, history etc).
BEd is Bachelor of Education
BA is Bachelor of Arts (or Bad Attitude if your surname is Barachus)

Depends on what course you do. Also get Bachelor of Science (BSc) engineering (Beng) as well.
A Bachelor of Arts is a general Arts degree. A B.Ed is a Bachelor of Education which is a professional degree; in Ireland this degree qualifies you to teach at Primary School.
Bachelor of Arts (BA) First Degree on Social Sciences
Bachelor of Science (BSc) First Degree on Scientific programmes
Bachelor of Law (LLB) First Degree on Law
Bachelor of Medicine (MB) First Degree on Medicine
Bachelor of Education (BEd) First Degree on Education
Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) First degree on Architecture
Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) First Degree on Engineering
B.Ed's full form is bachelor's degree of education. it is an essential training for the aspirants, who want to become teacher.

For getting admission in B.Ed, one must have to complete bachelor of arts (B.A.). Bachelor of arts is the base for the entrance in B.Ed.

B.Ed is essential for those who want to teach the upper primary students or high school students.
In the UK, a B Ed degree is one of the routes into teaching, as the degree educates you to degree level, while also training you to teach. Some BA degrees also have QTS built into them (QTS is Qualified Teacher Status). If your BA does not provide QTS, and you want to become a teacher, you normally need to take a further one year PGCE (Postgraduate certificate in Education). There are some other routes to QTS, but these are the normal/usual ones.

You need to decide if you want to be a teacher before deciding whether to opt for a QTS degree or not.

If you want further information about teaching and qualifying routes, have a look at http://www.tda.gov.uk/recruit/thetrainin.

This is a comprehensive guide, and should clear up all your questions
A B.A. degree is usually 3 years reading an arts subject eg art, English, history. On qualification you are a graduate.
A B.Ed. is a 4 year course where you study your chosen specialist subject to degree level plus a teaching certificate incorporated within the programme of study and will involve teaching practise at a school. On qualification you would be classified as a post-graduate. This is because you could also complete a B.A. then complete a post-graduate certificate in education (PGCE) to obtain the same standard of qualification, ie being a qualified teacher. A B.A. alone would not qualify you as a teacher.
If you require any further information on becoming a qualified teacher then please feel free to contact me.
B.Ed = batchelor of education B.A= batchelor of arts
BA is academic and Bed is professional.
B.Ed is a batchelor on education and normally applies to primary school teaching degrees.

B.A is batchelor of arts and covers hundreds of subjects from english, art, language, business etc.

I did a Bsc but am still qualified as a teacher from it, without doing a PGCE and it took 3 years, my friend did a BEd in primary and it took 4 years it all depends what 'school' the uni puts your course in as to what your degree is labelled.

It also depends what area you want to go into and which course suits you best and what you wanted to get out of it. I wanted to be a scientist with a teaching qualification so the 3 year degree was for me, some people want to take longer, some shorter.