What is the collective word for nieces and nephews i.e my brothers and sisters are my siblings ?

Ah you genius I'm always wondering why there isn't one!
Your nan and grandad are your grandparents, you mum and dad are your parents, your brothers and sisters are your siblings, your auntie's sons and daughters are your cousins, so why oh whyyyyyy is there not a collective word for nieces and nephews?

Glad someone else thinks like me.

It's like if you're from England, you're English, if from Holland you're Dutch, if you're from Australian you're Australian, Russia, you're Russian, from New Zealand you're..? You can't fill it without putting an "a" in front. You're a New Zealander. But you're not New Zealandish, or something the quivalent of Dutch. there are some missing words in the English Language!
and they are your neices and nephews.there is no collective word unless you say family/relatives
There isnt one :o)

Not really. There isn't one, though it would be very useful. In fact nephew used to be used regardless of sex, but this usage is long extinct. Older use of the word cousin for a range of blood relations would have encompassed nephews and nieces, but no specific term is now available.
Siblings children.
Pain in the bum.lol
nieces and nephews
I usually call them neeps. I have 3 neeps- 1 nephew and 2 neices
Numpties. Pests. Bloody Relatives. Sh*itarse Kids. The list is endless.
I don't think there's one.
Nieces and nephews
I dont believe there is a collective.
Nieces and nephews seems to describe it best.
Close relations, generally covers it.
As the English language is always evolving, new words are being added every day. Therefore why don't you invent a suitable word and adopt it. Suggestions, Nephses, niecephews, siblingsissue,
ourkidslot, I'm sure you can come up with much better ones.