What are those little bugs that you sometimes get in flour, and where do they come from?

When my mate lodged with me we had an infestation of the bastards. They were everywhere! In the end I had to get some special killer powder. They were falling out of the cupboards onto the kitchen worktops. My mate came home at lunch one day and wrote 'help us' with their corpses on the top. It took a few seconds to realise when I got home that night. Thought I'd walked into a Hammer Horror.
the little bugs you get in flour are weavils and they are harmless, the best advice i can give is to clean out where you keep your flour, they have probably come in on something else and are eating the flour, bin it and buy a new bag.
Weevils - see the link for more info

I think they are weevils.
Weedles, mill bugs. From what i understand there in the flour. They only hatch if the flour isnt in a cool dry place.
Weevils, but not sure how they get in there. Its like when you read a book, and always find a tiny transparent beetle or spider nesting within still alive.
In summer time if the flour is not kept in the fridge the heat locked in the flour creates the bug it may sound strange sometime these bugs may enter from other food in the house not stored at room temp
Never had that problem don't know where they come from
Be careful of those gross little weevils. They will get in all of your food if you don't get rid of them quickly.
Mealy bugs.
weevils, their harmless yet i get a little freaked out by them!!
The very teeny little black specks that move about are called weevils. They get in their by having their eggs in the flour, perhaps even in the wheat and survived the milling process. Their eggs are reeeely tiny and go undetected in flour. I hate to break it to you, but you gotta throw out the flour and clean the canister real well and dry it THOROUGHLY before you use it again. And always make sure your canister seals well. If there's no moisture at all, any weevil eggs will never hatch because they need moisture, even though, being tiny, only a little.
They are called weevils, but yea I have often wondered how they get there.
Weevils, the eggs come in the flour, then they hatch.
they are gnats and you need to keep your house cleaner
They are called flour beetles and live in the flour. Not sure how they get there.
dont know but creaps me out
They are called flour weevils and they hatch in your flour that has hung around too long in a warm place. Best then to keep your flour in the fridge if it takes you that long to use it up. They are harmless even if you ate them unknowingly or knowingly for that matter.
They are mealy bugs. They actually are in flour, corn meal, etc. when you buy it; that is, their eggs are in there! When you bring home these bags of flour, etc. put them in your refridgerator and the eggs will not hatch. Clean out your pantry and get rid of everything they are in; they will get into everything new, if you do not do this! Dona
wheevils but dont know where they come from.
weevils and are harmless.