Is it safe to drink out of date beer (6mths)?

It won't hurt you. It may taste bad, but there's nothing it (if it's sealed) to cause problems.

BTW, there are many beers that actually benefit from aging. I own barleywines and other strong beers that are over twenty years old. I know of people who had vintage beer tastings and tasted beers that were over ninety years old.

And they all survived!
No it will probably make you sick
pour it in2 a glass and if it looks weird dont and if its guinness id reckon no.
no it is not safe
No. It will give you a hangover if you drink too much of it!
No problem, test it at a party!
Only if u can still get a buzz PeAcE
No, it will make you ill. Probably give you the squits.

Just chuck it away, or give it to some one who's been p!ssing you off lately.
There is only one way to find out! Anyway, dates are only a guide due to the Nanny society we live in!
6 months out of date!
Don't even attempt to drink it!
It will have bacteria in it that clogs up after it has passed its used by date!
Yeah no worries, people drink wine from 1997 and dont die *cheky grins*
This dating or best before marking of beer is a recent marketing ploy what happened before,you just opened it up and drank it worried about the age of it i think not
Yesh Hic. Your my bestest mate.
In contrast to the other replies I would suggest that it is PERFECTLY safe to drink. Six months is nothing.

The alcohol would kill any bacteria anyway. But the manufacturers build in such big safety margins with "sell by" dates that I wouildn't worry about it not even for one minute.
Generally it is fine, if it is cloudy or tastes funny, then don't bother.
My father in law used to have loads of time expired stuff, because he bought too much for his guests.
It was a standing joke that I finished it off for him. Most of the time it was no more than a year out of date. Then only the odd one might be off. Plastic bottles of beer that had been previously opened were never any good.
No, the liquid becomes a lethal poison, seriously
Are you that desperate for your next drink?
Of course it is. How can a pastuerized product in a sealed container go bad ?
Try it and see what it tastes like - it is not likely to make you ill, but the taste may have changed over the months that it has been in the can - or bottle.
Reliable guide is whether you fancy it after tasting it.
If you're worried about , send it to me and I'll see that it is properly taken care of.

Budweiser started that 'freshness date' stuff (stuff= male bovine excrement) as a marketing ploy. Un-homogenized beer will get 'skunky' if it's exposed to light. Most commercial beers are homogenized to avoid that problem. Some beers are cloudy by nature.wheat beers for instance. So,'s safe to drink.
Yeah course it's OK. Beer goes through a pasturisation process and is bottled/canned in a protective atmosphere. The only thing to worry about is if any bacteria got at it and if the seals are OK - taste it and if it tastes alright - enjoy your party!!
Sure it might just taste a little skunky but it won't kill you!
depends how drunk you are when you try it?
Maybe. But you won't be able to be sick quite as far.
Wow, can't believe some of the moronic answers to this question.

Here it is:
Dates on beer are guidelines for freshness, not expiration dates.
Beer has no 'expiration date'.
The brewer says that their beer will taste freshest by that date, but after that it's still safe to drink.especially within 6 months.

There is also NO STANDARDIZATION for dales on bottles and cases. Some brewers put bottling dates, some put freshness dates, some use codes, some that are designed to age even use vintage make sure you know exactly what you are looking at and that the 6 months thing isn't actually a bottling date.

Here's my basic guide:
Light lagers like Bud/Coors Light are the easiest to kill. Under average conditions, they start to degrade after about 6 months in the bottle. They don't do so well with temperature changes, exposure to strong heat/light.

Darker Lagers like many German beers, stronger pilsners, and any lighter beer with a good dose of hops/higher alcohol content will start to slide a little after about 9 months, but it will take a while for them to totally skunk.

Most ales (IPA, ESB, Red Ales, Brown Ales, etc) do fine under average conditions for a year or so, then slowly start to drop of in taste and mouthfeel.

Darker ales like porter and stout actually age and become slightly sweeter and maltier as time goes by.
I've had 13 year old guinness extra stout and other than being a little carmel-tasting, it's fine.
Imperial stouts, porters, barleywines, and dubbels, tripels, and quads can age just fine for many years.

Don't worry so much, open it up and try it.
The first and most obvious sign if bad is that they smell skunky, but can still taste ok even then. Even with that, it's still not going to hurt you, just won't be as enjoyable.

People who think that it will magically turn into 'lethal poison' would benefit less from drinking and more from getting hit in the head with the bottle.
Wouldn't risk it myself, but, each to their own.
Oh dear, i hope you don't listen to any of those "NOs" in this list.

Of course old beer is safe, its sealed in a bottle with CO2 as its header.

I drink homemade beer ( much less sterile conditions than a brewery) thats 2 years old. I haven't died yet.

If it looks like beer, smells like beer then it is beer.there is only one thing to do with that..and its not pour it away.
safe upto 3 months out of date
Do it and let us find out