Why do i cry when i peel onions?

it stings make it stop
Onions come in many varieties and three main colors, yellow, white and red. They are rich in nutrients including vitamins B and C, protein, calcium and iron. Onions are low in sodium and are fat-free.

Onions add flavor to your meals and they have nutritional value. But why do these very useful plants make you cry when you slice them?

It is not the strong odor of the onion that makes us cry, but the substances that the onion releases when we cut this member of the lily family.

The onion contains some substances which contain sulfur. Sulfur is an irritant to both our noses and to our eyes. Cutting an onion releases these sulfur compounds. When these sulfur compounds come in contact with the water in our eyes, they produces sulfuric acid.

Sulfuric acid irritates the eyes. In response to this acid, our eyes automatically blink, and produce tears which wash the eye and flush out the acid.

An automatic reaction many people show is to rub their eyes with their hands, which often
makes the situation worse, because our hands are covered with the sulfur compounds from cutting the onion, which we then rub directly into our eyes.

The only remedy for this problem is to boil the onion, not to slice it or cut it up, which is not very practical. Some people suggest putting the onion in the fridge or the freezer for a few minutes because the cold decreases the speed of the chemical reaction. Another tip is to slice the area around the root of the onion last. Why? Because there are more sulfur compounds in the onion root.

The good news is that a new onion which doesn't make you cry when you are peeling it is now available.

The new kind of onion, called Supasweet onions, has been developed by British farmers. It is said to be so mild that it can be eaten like an apple. Supasweet onions have been on sale in Tesco supermarkets around England since August, 2003. The onion has a pale, thin skin, is easy to peel and quick to prepare.

Supasweet onions are not genetically modified. Their secret is that they have been specially grown in low-sulphur soils!

Cuz onions are evil.
you feel sorry for them
Maybe you don't like onions..
because of the gas it release
try putting a nose clip on your nose like the ones they use form swimming, the reason you cry when peeling oinions is the smell from the onions affects your sinuses and it is that, that makes your eyes water.
If you keep the onions, well wrapped, in your 'fridge the fumes from the onions will be made liquid by the cold and you will not cry when you peel them.
It stimulates the senses of eyes which excretes tears
Everyone does.

Possible solutions:
Pass the knife through bread first-the bread absorbs the fumes
Rinse eyes with cold water as soon as they start to weep
Cut it under water
Put the onion in warm water then chop it normally
Chewing gum
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Because the plight of the onions is so sad.
You cry because you are the meaty equivalent of a vegan - you cut the onion and you know you are killing it and hurting it. So you cry, You are sad, but you have to do it.

Do what I do, treat all fruit and veg as the spawn of the devil and stick to eating meat. It NEVER makes you cry.

Or maybe you are just with the wrong onions. Just dump that onion. Yeah, you tell him sister.

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As onions are sliced, cells are broken open. Onion cells have two sections, one with enzymes called alliinases, the other with sulfides (amino acid sulfoxides). The enzymes break down the sulfides and generate sulfenic acids. Sulfenic acids are unstable and decompose into a volatile gas called syn-propanethial-S-oxide. The gas then dissipates through the air and eventually reaches one's eye, where it will react with the water to form a mild solution of sulfuric acid. The sulfuric acid irritates the nerve endings in the eyes, making them sting. The tear glands then produce tears in response to this irritation, to dilute and flush out the irritant.
peel the onion under cold running water and leave to soak for two minuets and hey presto when you cut the onion no more tears
cover ur eyes ahaha
because between these onion peels a gas named sinarate-cateria is stored which is attracted to moist areas. while cutting onions you keep your mouth open near to it you will feel an unfavourable taste and want to drink water.
to keep from crying, hold a mouthful of water in your mouth when cutting onions
Because onions contain a trapped gas that is formed during the maturation of the vegetable. You only release the gas when you cut into the end core of the onion. The best way to combat the majority of the sting is to leave the tail of the onion uncut (the bit with the longest stringy bit), peel the rest of the onion and cut the other end of and chop the rest of the onion up as desired. Then bin the tail without cutting into it. You are not wasting anything as you usually would cut this part off during standard preparation. If you find you still get a slight nip then running your knife under cold water between cuts usually helps.
Why do onions make you cry?
Cutting an onion releases sulfur compounds. Your eyes become irritated by the substance and, in an attempt to get rid of the irritant, they start to tear. You can often tell if someone is a big onion eater because the sulfur compounds enter the bloodstream and then get breathed out—or sweated out. If you want to avoid tearing up, you can try running the onion under water as you peel it—the sulfur compounds dissolve in water.
You are just a sentimental type of guy. Do like a I do. I use leak or green onions. I enjoy my food and never cry.
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