What do bagels taste like?

Are they sweet or savoury?
What are you supposed to eat them with?
how could you have never eaten a bagel!? well, then. allow me to educate you. they can be sweet (blueberry, Cinnamon-raisin etc) or they can be savory (onion, garlic etc). On the sweet ones you can put cream cheese, flavored or plain - whichever you are in the mood for or that works with the flavor of the bagel. I put butter and sugar on my sweet bagels (after i toast them, of course, because I like my bagels toasted). And you can put butter, cream cheese or flavored cream cheese on the savory ones too. They also make excellent sandwiches.
And by God, man! Buy some bagels and join planet earth!
why don,t you buy some and try them ?
they're quite bagelly
A bit like french bread but they're a bit sugary. You eat them with anything (like you do with bread).
They taste like Chicken.
They are just bread really but they are yummy and I have them toasted with loads of butter and primula cheese spread
Bagels are lush, they are savoury although you can get sweet ones (with cinnamon, raisins etc).
Try them with cream cheese, or my personal favourite when I was at Uni was toasted with Vennison Pate and cucumber! Hmmmm.
I dont really like bagels they are like a hard type of bread you can eat them with almost anything. Philadelphia,bacon,jam anything you would put on a sandwhich really.
heavy bread rolls very comforting to eat, anything you would put in a sandwich, traditionally cream cheese and smoked salmon with a bit of pepper and lemon juice.

you can get sweet things that look like bagels but aren't really
you can get both, they are boiled dough and taste yummy.

try one toasted with peaut butter or with cream cheese, tuna,spinach and lemon juice dressing. my personnal favourite.
They are a bread as you no, we like the blueberry, sweet, with cream cheese, we toast them, spread cream cheese, and eat! So yummy.
it depends on the bagel. and you put whatever you want on them.
They are just thick bread - you get them in different flavours like Onion or herbs etc . in the same way with bread. Why do try them - they are yummy.
Bagels are a chewy bread.

They are very good toasted with peanut butter.

The Jewish version is to spread cream cheese on the bagel and then put lox (smoked salmon) on top of the cream cheese. It's pretty good this way.
They taste like hmm bread with mold ive compared em