Should supermarkets stop giving us free plastic bags?

For the enviroment and all..
Yep. They should give you a discount if you bring your own bags.
no the environment will plastic bags to pick up the trash
I always ask for paper, I dont like the plastic.
No because if we were to drop our shopping all over the place on the way back this would cause much more environmental damage than the disposal of an old shopping bag.
do you want to buy them
In Ireland we have to pay 15c per bag if we want a plastic bag from a supermarket. Most people now bring their own and it makes people think about whether they actually need one, so we're less wasteful.

Products in most supermarkets are excessively wrapped anyway.
I recently discovered that it actually takes more renewable energy resources to recycle a paper bag than it does to produce a plastic one. A friend of mine works in renewable energy at my university and told me this fun fact. So maybe plastic's not that bad. Something to think about.
No, I worked in a Supermarket that charged people for bags, they just brought their own from different shops, because they'd rather not pay 4p for a bag, and the majority of staff didn't charge for them anyway.
Yes, they should stop using plastic bag.

Did you know that in Bhutan, it is illegal to use it? Only tourist can be found using plastic bags (i.e. those brought to Bhutan from their home countries).

Paper-recycling factories are everywhere, in every town, and even notebooks use recycled paper.

So if Bhutan can use it (and at the same time grow the trees necessary for the paper they use, NOT use those from the forest), then why can't everyone else?

In Hong Kong supermarkets (where I used to live), they use to ask us if we require a plastic bag when we're checking out. Many people nowadays tend to bring their own basket or shopping bag although the majority still use plastic bags. In expatriate stores, they would actually sell the plastic bags to deter people from using them.
In Toronto, Canada some grocery stores charge you for the use of plastic bags. I believe it is because they are recyclable.
Trish D is right there are no more plastic bags in the bushes and hedges around Ireland, the 15c charge took care of that,so yes super makets should stop giving away plastic bags
Yes - I say no to bags whenever I can. Especially in places like Boots which give you ridiculous unneccessary tiny bags for make up and things and you have to be quick to stop them.

When you go shopping take a rucksack and walk or cycle home - good exercise and cuts down on waste/emissions.
my grocery store does not supply plastic bags for free, now I remember to bring my own bags (before I had tons of plastic bags that would just sit in my cupboard)
Yes the supermarket I shop in called Aldys's the food is cheaper and they charge you for bags, or you can gather boxes from around the store to use. You also save money by paying a quarter to use a shopping cart, and when you put the cart back you get your quarter back. Just a few things to save on your groceries, they can lower cost by not hiringa cart person and not supplying free bags. You can reuse the bags if you buy them, or bring your own bags to use. Makes groceries cheaper Im in.
For sure! We pay high enough prices on food. It's the least they can do is supply us with a bag. Though their making them even thinner you need two! I like the paper bag better, though it's getting harder to find. I use the paper for recycling my paper products, mail etc.
And I bought a small garbage can so I use the plastic one's in the kitchen! Then I'm recycling them to help the environment. I throw my garabe away more often cause it's a smaller bag.but garbage never has time to smell or collect fuzz..ewe!

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They are NOT free! its paid in the goods you buy!
you get nothing for free supermarkets put the cost onto your groceries
Supermarkets should all make their bags biodegradable. Some already have but I think every single one needs to. Shoppers should try to use re usable fabric bags or baskets where possible.

I think there should be national advertisement campaigns showing environmentally friendly alternatives to get people thinking. I think a lot of people don't even give the issue a thought at the moment and that needs to change asap.

Extra detail.
Completely agree with Amanda C below. A lot of the packaging on food is unnecessary.
Yes, I think they should, but even more I wish there was less packaging on all the foods we buy. Over the last couple of years I've stopped doing fresh food shopping at the supermarkets and it's really striking how much less rubbish I put out each week.
In some countries they already have a levy on them. I live in Ireland and have to pay €0.15 for each plastic bag I get. Also in shops they give you paper bags which can be recycled and cut down on the amount of waste provided. On a similar issue we have to pay per binbag for our rubbish to be collected.

I think the small charge makes people think, do I really need a bag?
I live in Ireland and we have to pay 15 cent for every plastic bag we buy but the government are thinking of putting that amount up to 30 cent per bag because so many people are opting to buy bags instead of bringing their own which was the point to begin with.
yes change it to free booze
Yeah, they should make you pay, when you have to pay people buy fabric bags and use them every time they shop
I take my own bags to the supermarkets. Those plastic bags are really making a mess of the environment. I also have a nice basket that I carry with extra bags in it if I need them. Prices would go down too if more people tried this as the stores wouldn't have to buy so many of those plastic bags.
No why carry lots of old bags around when you can have nice clean and new ones
no sometime i pass the supermarket on th speer of the moment and i dont want to have to carry empty bags around with me whenever i go out just incase i decide to go in. also i use my plastic bags to put in my bins at home insted of buying peddle bin bag saves abit of money
yeh they should charge us..for this luxurious item.