Why are pistachio nuts always sold in their shells?

The shells help to make the bag heavier and the processing costs are cut by your having to shell them and dispose of the waste.

Pistachio nuts sold by clever people

They are sold without the shells. Any super market would have them and Wal-Mart for sure.

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Even when they are in ice cream?
cuz the shells are salty and salty is good :D i like the shells personally. It would look naked if it didn't have it with it, and I probably wouldn't buy it.
A istachio nut will last longer in it's shell.
cos then u get to lick the salt off the shells! mmmmmmmmmm
I think part of it is marketing. People think pistachio nuts are pink, and the shells can be dyed.
So people can't eat too many of them. Think about how many you would eat if you could just grab a handful without their shells.
they arent you can buy them at walmart in a tub by the fresh fruits unshelled
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They aren't always. I just recently bought a big bag of shelled pistachios from Sam's Club. Yum. :)
Sunkist sells Pistachio Kernels in 16 oz bags.


they last longer
Pistachios easily absorbs moisture from air. With their shells on, it will keep their crunch.
Ha Ha!! I was just talking about this the other day! I don't know, but if you eat enough of em you get a groove in your front teeth from where you have bitten them open. nice and tasty though.
i once bought a packet of them without their shells and they tasted horrible (soggy and old).. the shells seem to keep them fresher and give them more flavor(i think). keep the shells!
sorry to answer a question with a question but those people saying you can get pistachios without a shell in wallmart, are they americans?
Since we're in yahoo uk&ireland it doesnt really help us much does it? I dont know any walmart in the UK!!
Pistachio nuts dry out a lot quicker then, say, a peanut. It keeps moist and fresh in its own shell.
Apart from keeping nut fresher. The main reason I think is that like all nuts with shells on, you get less for an extortionate amount of money.