How do you make chip shop batter?

As above, flour, eggs, milk. Salt and pepper, maybe beer. Most important is to keep it quite thick to get the crunch and texture right. It needs to be much thicker than a pancake batter, I would say it needs to be the consistency of ready brek. Perfecto!
by visiting other chip shops in the area, taking notes and getting a wider variety that the competition
Same way you make pancakes. Flour, eggs & milk.
Closely guarded secret, however I was told that there is sugar in it.
easiest way is to add a small amount of soda water or other fizzy liquid (beer, lager etc)
You can get stuff called batter flour, but the easiest thing is just to mix together flour and milk until it is smooth and quite liquidy. You can add beer to make it lighter.
The chippies don't add beer but it does make the batter like chip shops.

I think the chippies add bicarb to the batter mix and make it thick.
coat once then again and again if you can.
Flour,bicarb and water.

The egg would only act to thin the mixture as with pancakes and yorkshire puddings.

Beer or Mineral water can also be used instead of the water and bicarb.
plain flour, bicarb, water and a teaspoon of custard powder for colour. batter should be thick and smooth. hope this helps
one of the favourite tricks in uk is to make it with beer it goes crispy and very light sorry havent got recipe but google it good luck
Hi,go & ask your local chippy they will be flattered mind some will not divulge there receipe