Why does my nose block up when I drink Beer?

same reason you have really bad hangovers after drinking if you dont suck down some water before you go to bed, it dehydrates you.
you got beer in your nostrils
Silly. it goes in your mouth..
Could be an allergic reaction.
Drink vodka! the russians are right!
Because all alcohol dehydrates you, it acts like a diuretic.
Is it because you put your nose in the glass?!!!
Allergic reaction- switch to fine wine- avoid the beer belly.
i think its a sign you shouldn't drink. im not saying that in a mean way> try blowing your nose before you drink, lol. no, im bein serious.>>

SOunds like you are slightly allergic to it.
As well as the other reasons pointed out, alchohol also lowers the immune system temporarily - so you are likely to get sore throats or blocked noses.
I think it's to do with the preservative they use. Some use histamines which create that blocked nose hay fever type symptoms. Anti-histamines should sort it out in the same way that they sort out hay fever.
I think that's better then your but whole leaking when you drink beer
You could be allegic to 1 or more of the ingredients.. they all pose common allegens.
you're allergic to something. do you have anything similar when you eat wheat or flour? Have an allergy test at your doctors, you'll feel loads better if you cut out whatever it is you're allergic to. its a pain rearranging what you eat drink, but after about 2 weeks you'll be rockin!
You are probably allergic to it.
Keep your nose out of the glass!
if you drink through your mouth it probably wouldnt happen
allergic reaction to one of the fillers like corn or rice. Try a few various brands to see if the problem continues.
thats because you are allergic of cold stuff. Avoid eating cold stuffs specially that are directly taken out of freezer. This will help you. I think even if you stay in windy place for long time or drink loads of freezed products you might come up with bloked nose. JUST AVOID FREEZED FOOD.
It could be that you are allergic to something in the beer. Beer contains grains and many people are allergic to wheat's, barley's etc
It could be an allergic reaction. I agree with the wheat allergy statement. Get that checked out. I have a severe reaction to Malibu - throat closes up and hearing becomes acute. I've tried it twice - just to see if it was that drink - now I stay away from it.

There is plenty of other alcoholic drinks to work through till you find the one for you.
Something in the beer is causing you to get inflamed sinuses - happens me all the time. Try Sinutab - great stuff!
If so, change to this recipe.
You are allergic to the hops in the beer. My mate Joe sneezes every time he drinks beer because of this and is constantly blowing his nose.

He now drinks cider to prevent this from happening
The bottle goes in your mouth not your nostril.
Try swallowing first