How do i get rid of wormcasts on my lawn?

The wet weather is encouraging worms to leave sticky mounds of earth all over my lawn, these sticky mounds are ruining the level of the ground and I can't stop them. i've tried lawn sand but what else can I do?

A Really the only way is to distribute the cast over a larger area by brushing them with a stiff broom before mowing the lawn. There are no lawn wormkillers available but raking out the thatch, dead grass and debris from the surface of the lawn in the next month or so will help to reduce worm activity.
Worm casts are good. They're full of nutrients.
Earthworms are extremely beneficial as they help decompose organic matter from decaying leaves, stems, etc. The worm casts (or small bumps) come from the heightened worm activity in the fall and spring. They come to the surface to feed more in the cool and moist times of the year.

Getting rid of earthworms is not a great idea, as they are too beneficial. One management factor for earthworms is soil moisture. They seem to love it. So, if you have an automatic irrigation system that you are running excessively in the spring and fall, the earthworms may be attracted to the overly moist lawn. Also, if the worm casts are extremely noticeable, your turf density may be an issue as well. Check your fertility program as well as irrigation to make sure you are providing maximum benefit to the turf and minimum to the earthworms.
How to Treat Ground Worms:
Many spiders live in the ground, I'm in the South, and the web are everywhere laying on top of the grass. I have my foundation, and yard sprayed monthly. But if my property was a smaller size I would be doing it myself with a spreader. A good yard product is "Spectracide, Bug Stop" is reasonable priced, and available at many stores, including walmart.
**Interesting Information:
The Wormcast Company Online Shop
There are no worm killers available but there is a product that discourages worms from your lawn.
Moles feed on worms and I use this to get rid of the moles.
Ask at garden centre.
why don't you try to take care of them........some. we even don't pay attention to them despite of the fact that they are beneficial to our daily living...
collect them and use as soil nutrient. Worms are fantastic creatures and essential to the life of the soil
If it is as "bad" as you say, sounds like you have a very healthy lawn and you should aplaud yourself. Worms breath air and in the wet season when the soil becomes very soggy, they "need to dig out" so to speak. Everything has it's season, be patient - this too will pass and will not leave any lasting negative impression on your lawn.
get some moles and hedgehogs, the moles will eat the worms under ground and the hedgehogs will eat the worms above the ground and you will have a nice miniature safari park at your door ..To get rid of the casts collect them for plant pots or just brush them about using a yard are lucky having so many worms in your garden, do you not know some fisherman who would gladly collect them by going out in the dark with a torch it's all to easy. Wine fly
soild will die of death if you get rid if them