Painting my rooms need help! What colour goes with teal / turqoise?

What coulour would go with teal / turqoise and also what type of paint does a nice warm duck egg colour to go with chocolate brown.
Teal and turquoise go really nicely with beige or spanish white.

Try having a look on Dulux to find and match colours
try using a forest green (dark and mysterious green) and cream for the skirting boards - trust me!
aubergene, or plumb
White goes with every other colour.
with the teal i would use a sandy colour and dulux do a full range of duck egg blues in their mix cards at b & q
Dark aubergine goes well with teal, though might all be a bit too dark, but generally purple/turquoise is a good combo as long as it's not overdone.
teal n blue or purple and cream with the brown or tan, beige
If you want a really stunning look, try bright pink with the turquoise. Careful not to overdo it - just a few accents of the pink (cushions, ornaments, etc), and add some white or cream too.

For the duck egg colour, try Fired Earth. They're a bit pricey but their colours are gorgeous. They used to do a lovely duck egg shade, although I think they've changed their range recently so I'm not sure if they still have it.
why don't you try a grey toning for the window frames anything that need to be highlighted, this will give a luxury look make sure it is in an enamel paint, The ceiling should be done in a toning of white called swiss coffee this pceiling paint is a bristol paints color. Then if you have beige tone furnishings this will blend inas well. With your curtains have those a champagne blush color.Hope this helps.
I think yellow, and ur room will look bigger 2 ;), good luck ! And "Spor la lucru!" how they say in my country
Navajo white by Sherwin Williams paints will go with your chocolate brown. As far as the teal/ turquoise goes, my bathroom is painted with that color. I accent with a cream color, the color of beach sand. In fact, any color you'd find at the beach would go beautifully, corals, pearls, shells.
Teal/beige/chocolate brown/ cream
teal/silver/charcoal grey/white

Depends if you want it cool or warm
good luck!
with teal or turqoise i would go with the chocolate brown..have a lot more selection
The teal and chocolate brown go well together, with some cream. I have also seen a slate gray/teal/cream combo. Chocolate brown is beautiful with just about any color, particularly coral and cream.