Does it mean anything if a bird flies into your house? Wondered if there were any myths, wives tales etc?

If a bird, or any kind flies into your house good luck is coming. Of course it's a wives tale, but things happen
dunno, but wish i did. same thing happened to me today
Haven't heard of anything like that, unless its a crow which flew in in the morning
no, not just any bird - it has to be a crow, which means death. I am knocking on wood, but don't worry, it is all crap.
It depends on the bird. An owl often means someone is going to die.
YES !! it means you left your windows or a door open.
Yeah, It means you need to shut your door/window... ;)
My grandmother used to say

bluebird acome
next child a son

Congrat's youre having a boy!
There is a myth that your butthole will turn inside out and start talking to you.
Anything you've just cleaned will be sh@t on!
it means close your window... just how often does this happen to you? i once had 2 birds in my house at the same time and it was the middle of windows open etc...
It means that you left a window open.
Depends what kind of bird it was, a sparrow means someone in your family or someone you know will give birth, an owl tends to mean someone is ill and they are going to die.
good luck if it lives, a friend is coming to see you. if it lights and doesnot seem afraid of you, they friend is bringing good news. If it is perpetually panicky, bad news..for you or the friend..
Just means you should keep your windows/doors closed. ;)
It means that you have left your door or window open.
Yes! Most times it is a message from departed family members of something is coming up that is going to be chaotic. A difficult time ahead. But also, that everything will be okay. Be strong, and be ready. It is gonna be a bumpy night!
usually pegions & sparrows build their nests in houses. if it is one of them then it is breeding time for them.crows usually come inside sometimes to get food, if it is a crow , u have kept some food uncovered.if it is an eagle or an owl u have too many rats in your house. oh come on do u really believe in these superstitions?
This is not a myth..As a builder, I recently was required to renovate a house that had become vacant. I removed the old ceiling in the kitchen then was asked to came back later and finish...about six weeks later!!!!! Birds had gotten in under the roof, flew through the empty ceiling area into the kitchen, BUT! seeing that they had a bird brain, lacked the understanding to fly back out the same way they came in. The reality of this whole story is: Bird who flys into house will surely have loose bowels trying to get back out.
Means only a lot of trouble !!
Only sparrows know to find their way out of houses. Other birds inside the house r a sad problem, so silly, small-brained creatures, can't fly out, will get exhausted, & easy prey for the cat.
Then u'll have a death, a bad omen.
its lost