How do u keep away spiders 4rm entering ur home?

I have just figured out recently that this is totally predictable !

After a few years of noticing loads of spiders seem to come in the house around this time of year, I think i know why - its getting cold because of autumn - so they are coming indoors where its warm!

Makes sense - wouldnt you?

I'm not sure theres much you can do about it either - they are very small !

At least you know what to expect next year.
use bef baf :)
Sprinkle sulphur around your house.and where ever you think may be the places that the spiders are coming i from.
Check to see if there are any places with holes that is connected to the outside. Use things like silicon to block it. You can also use insect repellent at places you often go in and out such as outside the door, doormat, gauze, and other things.
get a broom and kill them.
Try to find a pest control company that will do a one-time placing of poison in your walls (through the light sockets). It works wonders. A lot of companies don't do that and don't care.

And then, you can just spray around the perimeter of your house periodically. Cover up holes like was said above.
Get some conkers. Put one in each corn of the room and this stops the little blighters.

Not sure how it works and it is a bit of an old wives tale, but tried it last year and had a spider free existance since!
there are many ultrasonic devices that keep insects and rodents and spiders out of the house and drive them most are in Walgreens, kmart, Walmart and various home and garden and remodeling centers and are even in mail order catalogs. buy some of those.
Unfortunately, you're always going have to deal with them. Make sure your window screens have no tears or openings.If you can afford it call a exterminator to spray around your home, inside and out.
I know blood spider season AGAIN, don't worry winter will be here soon. The really best way to get rid of them (although not forever) is to suck them up in the vacuum cleaner, however if you are like me you have to get your nearest and dearest to empty the thing. I also give the nozzle a blast with the insect killer just to be safe.
put of a "no spiders allowed" sign at every door and window? i dont know, keep all entrances closed, check clothes if youve had them out on the line...
Why would you want to? They're friendly, none are poisonous and they kill flies that carry diseases!

If you still want to get rid of them try writing them a polite letter asking them to go. Either that or spray insect repelant every where! It smells horrible at first, but you soon get used to it!
Im scared too, but its that time of year and they get in through any little crack. Try not to kill them, if you let them run off chances are you wont ever see them again. You could try spraying some citronella in the corners, its a spray that insects hate the smell of and wont go near it. Not sure who stocks it though.
Make little tiny signs asking them not to come in?
swallow a bird to catch the spider
stop whining and get on with your life. give them some good advise. tell them there are also many other good places for them and not yours only.

remember, i heard that if you try to be harsh to them, more will come. my suggestion is that welcome them and also tell them there are other good ones for them to breed as well.