How do i get rid of daddy long legs we are infested!?

lol fire and lots of it
get some snakes
kill all the mummy long legs first
ohh nasty.. please move out.. .I HATE SPIDERS WITH A PASSION!
Put dishes of vinegar wherever you`re having the problem they hate the smell and will go away. this works for most bugs.
Don't kill them it is bad luck!
Don't get rid of all of them cos they eat mosquitoes and other pain-in-the-*** insects.
You can't, we are all suffering with them at the moment, and corn flies.
We suffer from 2 infestations of ants inside my house 1 behind the fire place and central heating boiler, we come home to flying ants all around the house.
We are also suffering from a nest of ants within the cavity and coming out at the window frame.
They have defied all attempts of eradication over years. We are now discussing a house move.
You get some clove oil and put it on a tissue, then wipe around all your doors/windows. Spiders HATE the stuff. I did it at the start of the year and I havent seen any 8 legged things so far! You need to do it about once a month though!
step on them--works every time
Try using your hair spary on them!
what is it with this section is it pick on spider week here i hope they all come back and haunt you
I usually get the hoover out when I spot one. Just have to be persistent.
I thought Daddy Long Legs were the adults of the crane fly, and not spiders as other respondents have mentioned - perhaps it is a name given to some sort of spider in the US.
They are the adult form of the leatherjacket, which lives on the roots of grass in fields and lawns.
They are quite harmless, but can be irritating if flying into the house in the evening - keep the windows shut, or the lights off and you won't be bothered.
They are very fragile creatures, and joss sticks or mosquito coils burning will kill them in one.
Another species that is sometimes called Daddy long legs is the Harvestman, but I have never seen these anywhere but in fields.
send mammy after it.........
I use Raid Outdoor. It comes in a blue can with a direct spray nozzle. You have to spray outside around the perimeter of the house or apartment foundation. This treatment is good for about 30 days. Can't do it on a rainy day, though. Good Luck!
sorry when ever i see a daddy long legs i leg it
you dont need to they wll go on there own
If you are going to get the hoover out and 'make like a ghostbuster' (as norman t said), make sure you stick a tissue in the end after, i'm always paranoid they will crawl back out!
They will not hurt you
Get some fresh eucalyptus branches at a florist & they hate the smell.
Sprinkle Sulfar around the area.
call Dale Gribble
It is probably just the time of year. Why get rid of them? They are harmless and quite friendly!!

Keep doors and windows closed, especially at dusk. In this weather, that could be a problem, unless you have air conditioning.

Just remember, you might be a daddy long legs in another life!!
catch them!!!!!!!!!
my cat eats them!!