Why dont candle smell whenthey burn?

I love candles but want them to put sme fragrance into my room, but they dont - any ideas? Ive tried all sorts of stuff too - plug ins, air spray but nothing lingers in the air - Id hate to think my room was unpleasant for others!
try 100% soy candles, they are wonderfully fragrant and burn without soot or toxins.
There are special scented candles you can get which do smell but I don't know of anything which will leave a lingering smell which will last.

My advice is to just keep the room clean and open a window to let in fresh air. I have always found that to be a better solution than using sprays or scented things to cover the smell.
U burn a candle and above it in a shallow pot mix 2 drops of any essential oil fragrance; many r available in the market like sandal, rose, jasmine and many more.Mix a little say 10 dros of water, and let the candle burn below it at some distance, the aroma would be great.U cud use the aroma pots available in any candle store, or make your own innovation at home.This fragrance stays for long, u can bring the candle away once u know the water is about to get over, then just place your candle wherever you want to.
Candles from PartyLite will work well
rule of thumb.you get what you pay for
if you buy cheap candles you get cheap results
i love candles too and have started out cheap, but realizing the more I pay the better they are.
through trial and error the best candles have oil (that's where the scent comes from) throughout the wax
the best candle i've ever burned was a Yankee Candle (at least $20 and worth it)
it burned longer and thoroughly not just down the middle like most
my advice: spend at least $10 and go from there
you'll be amazed
believe it or not, the strongest smelling and long lasting candle i have burned (and i have tried them all !) is "true indulgence" - "caramel creme" - i buy them all the time at CVS - $9.99 and are on sale a lot. you won't be disappointed.