My pears have black spots on them?

I have a pear tree with pears that grow ok but they have these black spots ranging in size. They appear on the skin of almost every pear - any ideas or advice please?
My apples have the same, I still eat them I don't know what the black spots are but I'm still here!

Oh wait I just found a website explainig it..
Black Spot (Venturia inaequalis) in Apples and Pears
An Introduction to the Disease

What is it ?

Black spot (Venturia inaequalis) is a fungal disease of apples, often referred to as apple scab outside of New Zealand. Apple black spot is a different fungus to pear black spot, and both are different to black spot on roses.

What does it look like ?

The initial infection in the spring shows up as dark green velvety patches on the leaves and developing fruit. Later the lesions on the leaves become black and slightly raised. By harvest, fruit infection spots are brown and cracked with a grey/black halo.

Black “pepper spots” are the results of secondary infections and are usually found in the calyx or close to the original infection.

Figure 1: Black spot symptoms on leaves Figure 2 : Severe black spot infection on fruit
try to add more water
well good for you :)