Foxes invading a garden. How to stop them WANTING to enter the garden?

It is a suburban garden, goodness knows where they are during the day, they don't knock and come through the house. I have no chickens here!
You need to get Boggis, Bunce and Bean to sit in your garden for a few nights.shotguns at the ready ;-)
Pee around your garden. Regularly.
I know that this is going to sound really freaky but on the news the other month Tiger Poo was on sale on Ebay for such things as invading foxes in gardens.
It is very different to the usual response that you would normally get but I promise its true.
I think it was from Colchester Zoo but cant say for sure.
High voltage electric fences tend to do the trick. Also tends to stop next doors kid climbing in !!
I know this sounds daft, but if you're anywhere near a zoo or wild animal park etc, get some Tiger poo and spread that around. One whiff of that and they'll be off!!
Sprinkle white pepper around the outer edges of the garden, it also keeps cats off as well
citrus smells are a good deterent for cats, it may work on foxes too. put lemon and orange peelings on flower beds. maybe essential oils will deter it. you can buy fertiliser called 'silent roar' which is meant to mimic a lions smell! that will scare the bugger away! pepper is meant to deter dogs too.
breed hunting dogs for the local hunt
At night, when all of your neighbors are inside and cannot see you..pee all along the border of your garden.
There are two known methods that actually work and luckily they are quite straightforward.

When you see the fox in your garden you must mark the bushes that it urinates on. Basically the most successful way to do this is to remove all your clothing and rub your parts against the shrub firmly yet forcefully. It can help if your deficate near to the bush or to really confuse the fox ask your partner to do it ---whilst you naturally continue to deal with the said bush.

Failing this try talking to it in a calm manner whilst sticking a fork into it's bollocks. Hopefully you talking to it will distract it.

Good luck and best wishes--I have found both methods truly enjoyable..
There is a powder that is available from garden centres. The powder is dissolved into warm water to be put into a garden sprayer. Spray the whole area of ground frequented by the foxes including walls and fences. (They can easily jump over these like cats) The spray is harmless to animals and plants and simply displaces the scent that the foxes lay down to mark their territory and discourages them from entering the treated area. It may be necessary to treat the area several times.
If you don't fancy peeing in the corners of your garden then soak rags in diesel and leave then where the foxes usually get in.

The strong smell of the diesel masks their sense of smell & makes them too nervous to go into your garden.

But peeing is best, but I think only works with men's pee - male hormones & all that.
Foxes, like all canines are hunter/scavengers, they're looking for food (and they're generally nocturnal which is why you won't see them during the day). Foxes are moving into suburban areas because we as humans throw away so much food, it's easy pickings for the animal. The only sure way of keeping out the fox, is to keep a dog yourself, the dog will defend it's territory (your garden) and it's pack (your family) with it's life.
I have heard that putting Cayenne Pepper around the garden area will keep out most animals. Just sprinkle it around. Use enough tho, so the animals can get a good whiff.
A double barrel shotgun usually sorts them out !!
STOP throwing food away.
definatly dont pee around your garden they will be attracted to it to re mark there teritory, they are attracted to food or rubbish bins so remove these and use a animal repelent especially for foxes.
Get a dog
Well, when my grandma lived in a trailer park in CT. She had some varmints eating her garden. She borrowed her brothers gun and I think it stopped them pretty well. Maybe some good fox and possum pie too. She always did like to hunt and fish. Maybe I should get her a pellet gun for while she is bored at the nursing home. There must be something she could shoot at out of the window. Maybe they rules about that sort of thing.
Usual crop of smart OTT answers as usual.Try Renardine if still available.Some excellent products have been withdrawn because of silly EEC regulations.Jeyes fluid worked for me ..they wouldn't come anywhere near it but the formula's been changed due to the aforesaid EEC regs so I am not sure if the new stuff will work as well! You could try one of the multi frequency electronic units.Don't get one that operates on a single frequency as it may not do the job.
Try Strantan co. on Ebay Excellent units for around £23 inc.P&P that should sort your problem !
Their only doing what comes naturally and trying to survive in a ever increasing concrete jungle but if your not happy get a big dog
Buy some Jeyes Fluid and sprinkle it around the border of the garden if you can, this confuses any other smells that may be attracting them, especially this time of year when it is mating season.. If you feed the birds then put food on top of a shed or outhouse roof that way the fox will have no reason to come in and look for food. Jeyes Fluid is good in your dustbin too not only masks any appetising smells but keeps you bin smelling fresh!
This aside Urban Foxes are getting bolder and less nervous of deterrents. Good Luck
ezee,lay a mine field at ur gardens entrance.
To a fox your garden is simply his territory. You do not mention whether the fox causes you any problems other than trespassing. This` visiting of territory `is common with domestic cats, badgers, rats and drunks. Unless you suffer some specific problem, ignore them- or get a dog.
dump a food source outside your garden so they go thier instead, do it the pavlov way feed them at dusk and kick them out of your garden if they try to get in give a sound to attract them at feed time - they will soon learn that there is a "safe" food source - i don't mean buy them food , just put your daily food waste into a bag and dump it in the same place outside your property instead of in your bin, it will work even better if your neighbours do the same thing in the same spot at the same time - it will feed the foxes and they wont be disturbing any of your bins and you can choose a spot where you don't let your kids play so you don't need to worry about feaces, this will also reduce rats in the area as they will try to feed at the same place as the foxes and get eaten instead
Put a sign up in your garden saying
here in oklahoma i put a 4 ft chicken wire fence around it,then i lay wire
about a foot up from the bottom and let the lay flat on the bottom..this keeps them from digging under the bottom,kepps rabbits and many others out also.