Roses climbing or rambling?

what is the difference between a climbing rose and a rambling rose
There is a difference, and it has nothing to do with wild vs tame or how posh you want to be (wild roses are called species roses). It's all to do with the manner of growth.

A rambler is more vigorous and can grow up to 30 feet in any direction, depending on the cultivar. It has flexible canes and flowers on last year's growth.

A climber is fundamentally a shrub rose with ambition, and is descended from them. It has canes up to 20 feet long but can't attach itself to a support - it has to be tied on.
A rambling rose talks too much? LOL
depends on how posh you want to be
I am pretty sure their is no such thing as a climbing rose. I have alot of roses and and the ones that do climb or actually rambling and need to be attached or trained to whatever their rambling on.
According to my Sunset Western Garden book, climbing roses can be "trained" to grow up a trellis. Ramblers grow without organization and ramble horizontally, not vertically like climbers.
Nothing. I guess it would be a difference in growth habit, a climbing rose would, obviously be climbing, a rambling rose would be allowed to grow like a ground cover (which I have seen.) Technically though I think there are only rambling roses as far as their technical names. You could have the exact same plant prostrate or climbing depending on your staking methods or lack there of.
I think they call them ramblers because without staking and tying they would not be climbers. Without any help they will just go all over the place.
I always thought that a climbing rose was a cultivated variety, and a rambling rose is the wild type, the website below explains the difference.
a climbing rose climbs
a rambing rose rambles
rambler :- vigorus climbing roses with lax stems.Has clusters of 3-21 single to fully double flowers, mainly in summer.

Climbing :- vigorous climbing roses with stiff stems and single to fully double flowers, borne singly or in clusters from late spring to autumn.

Both are suitable for training over wall,fences and pergolas, the rambler however is also suitable for training over trees.