Where do the lost socks go in the washing machine?

The good ones go, via the rivers and streams, to Sockton on Tees where they are made into coats for small children living in Newcastle.

The holy ones go to the Vatican city where they are used to make the silly pantaloons worn by the vatican guards.

The smelly ones end up in my mate Terry's house where he has a retirement home. They can roam freely aound his house until they 'pop their socks' and go to Stilton where they are squeezed to make the extract that goes into their lovely cheese.

why would you put lost socks in a washing machine. that's just cruel
the big laundry bin in the sky
Wherever Lord Lucan, Ritchie Manic and Glenn Miller are.
They sniff out all the panties
I've noticed that sometimes they cling via static electricity to the very inside top of the dryer, and if you feel around carefully after opening the door, you may find a sock or two. Or they may turn up in later loads. It's always been mysterious.
Mine get lost in the dryer.
sock heaven where else.
how do you know it's the washing machine? it could be that sneaky drier too. yeah yeah, it looks innocent, but at the temps it takes to dry clothes fast, it probably burns them to a crisp, leaving no trace of the lost sock... ha ha ha
Lost socks + socks that do not pair up end in my house
The place next door to where the car key gnomes take our keys at night.
who noes i personnaly think little elves do it
If they're good, to that rinse cycle in the sky.
If they're bad, to that dryer that never shuts off.
i have often wondered myself, my children say sock fairies take them, well i am dammed if i know the truth
I wonder how many socks, the water sanitation headquarter have in their lost property office?
Set up camera and try to get picture of sock gremlin. LOL Other than that check under agitator.
They go down the drain. Sometimes during the spin cycle they fall between the bin and the outside wall, and then right down the drain.
in the washer then if your missing a pair put it with a same identical sock
I don't know where they go to in the washer, but in the dryer they go to Narnia, where that annoying goat thing takes em and runs away.
They are eaten by the sock monster who also collects pens. Occasioanlly he will spit some out so they can be reunited with their partner.
to never never land..
Chewed up by the agitator.
Maybe the same place as two of my favourite tops and a pair of jeans vanished to. They all vansihed in one wash, never before happened and not since either. ITS A COMPLETE MYSTERY. If your socks have hijacked my jeans I'll put holes in their toes and sew up their ankles.
Sock eaters. that is what dryers are. On occasion a dryer needs nourishment and they do that by eating socks.

You will probably find the missing socks closely attached to something you folded up and put into the drawers without thoroughly looking at it. The heat and the turning of the dryer cause static electricity which will cause your socks to attach to something that has the opposite polarity.
The washing machine fairy steals them, brings them round to my house and I make willy warmers out of them.
Well, that's a very interesting question.

There is a power struggle for supremacy in the kitchen going on between your fridge and your washing machine. The fridge likes to find items and drop them behind itself as it knows it will frustrate its owner who can't find anything and even though they know its most likely to be behind the fridge, they are too lazy to look.

Now the washing machine is a good machine and likes to do the job well. It slavishly washes the clothes without fail every wash even though the fridge is trying to teleport the clothes out of the machine so it can put the behind itself.

Now, every so often the washing machine gets so tired from fighting off the fridge that it loses concentration and the fridge wins. Unfortunately for the fridge, it can only teleport out small items, such as socks, It tries and tries, but never gets out a bigger item. Even worse for the fridge is that the teleport process is never successful and the sock in vaporised into thin air. Now you would have thought after this happening a few times the fridge would give up and get its fun somewhere else, but alas no, the fridge has a very poor memory and forgets its failure and tries again.

That, my friends, is where your missing socks go.
usually the old socks are so old they get really holey then once the life of the sock is ended the holiness of them make them rise to heaven. so there you go now you know if of course you don't belive me just pop over to see jesus and he will tell you how to do it.
Lost socks are eaten by the washing machine,
and the machine never gets full !
I would sure like to know the answer to that one! They're probably with my missing undies!
They travel to my house, give my socks a pep talk, then my socks join them in singles and they head off to someone else's dryer. There is a large gang of single socks out there and it's just a matter of time before they gang up and come back and get us. They are known as the "single sock gang." Be careful, they are dangerous. everyone once in a while, one or two will break away from the gang and return home. They are known as the strong sock leaders.
In my wash.. I think I have all the ones you lost. come on over and pick 'em up anytime ! : )