Whats beter a girls orgasm or a boys orgasm?

I have always wanted to know do girls have more of a better orgasm thatn ladz do? wot do you think or will this just be a unaswerable question?
Well I think this is a highly subjective question. I mean, guys won't know how a girl feels and the other way around. That said, it's a common belief that women have more powerful and much more stimulating orgasms. However, it is also widely believed that it is much more difficult for them to achieve orgasm, and as such, experience fewer. Men, on the other hand, have satisfactory orgasms (i don't think an orgasm can ever feel "bad" per se), but can have them much more frequently. In the end, they probably cancel out, but on a one-time basis, I'd say a girl.
Watch your goldfish bowl, the answer is in the bottom left hand centre middle
Girls orgasms are easier to fake, that is all I know.
girls have better orgasms
i think guys just because we can only have 1 at a time so id imagine its better
how would anyone know that? unless you can change sexes that is the only way anyone would really know
i think it must be the man, thats why he's always thinking of and wanting sex. where as a woman may think about it but can do without it. it doesn't control women like it does men.
Girls, because they can have multiples, lucky girls, they are sat on a gold mine.
How can we know as we are a different sex?
well, i would say females because our orgasm's can last longer and come more frequently..after a male comes, his body has to kind-of rest before he can come again; however a female and come again and again (thus the term mulitple-orgasm) BUT it is much HARDER for a woman to experience great orgasms than it is for a male..so i guess that question is hard to answer..

but from my experience i would have to say females take the LEAD :O)
Depends who you have it with.I love my orgasms :P
i think this is one of those questions, where we're never actually gonna know. BUT i'd like to throw my two cents in anyway. i reckon a girls orgasm is better than a guys one. I'm a guy and yeah orgasms are good, but sometimes they aren't great sometimes they are amazing. but with my girlfriend, and with past girlfriends, girls just seem to get FAR more out of it, because they themselves are far more into it.
I'm literally not trying to toot my own horn here (so to speak) but i know i'm pretty good in bed, and i'v been with girls who are amazing, but girls seems to react different to it somehow, like the blood rushes to their heads, some girls get red blotches on their skin from the rush of blood. some girls scratch and bite hard etc etc. men don't. men just do it. and yeah.. it was good.lol
so by judging reactions alone, i'd say women have the better end of the bargain on that one.

but you still have to have babies. so maybe we let you have that one.
It depends how stimulated the person has been as to how strong the orgasm is. Intensity of orgasm I don't think is governed by gender, but not all women experience orgasm during intercourse because the man is usually the one moving, so receives more stimulation and therefore climaxes quicker.
I think your last statement says it all! How would anyone be able to answer this question with certainty! Obviously everyone has different degrees of orgasmic sensation so it can't be answered! Besides the fact you can't feel his and he can't feel yours, its all audible and nothing more! To be more explicit, an orgasm can change in intensity from one to another, day to day, hour to hour.
Ok studs, minute to minute! There, got your ego now?

If I understand the question correctly:

What's better: a male orgasm or a female orgasm?

It all depends on the person. As a general rule, the female orgasm can be stronger, more intense, and last longer (duration) as well as the fact that some women can be multi orgasmic (multiple orgasms within one sex session)

The male orgasm however is generally fast (duration), doesn't necessarly have a build-up time, and can be more or less intense. This of course is a generalisation, ans not all men are the same.

I know for a fact my wife's orgasms can be more intense than mine (and more numerous, and varied), although she often comments how my own orgasms appear to be the most intense she's ever seen in a man.

ıt ıs up to their mood.every human must help eachother,if they share the orgasm it will be better.live and let live love and let love.
What makes you people come up with these pathetic and pointless questions,what goes through your mind to ask such a thing.
i think its equal, they are both the same intensity.
every orgasm is different, if you dont have one for a few days its better, more intense.
i had better go now, too much talk on this stuff.
Stick you finger in your ear.
which feels better? your finger, or your ear?

Does that answer you question hahaha. It has to be better for girls.
It's unanswerable.really.
No Man knows what a female orgasm feels like and no woman knows what a male orgasm feels like, so no one can answer with any credibility.
However, some women can have multiple orgasms ie after orgasm they stay on the plateau phase ( Master's & Johnson ) and have another and another...all in one act ( session ).
So one can rightfully say that these ( blessed? ) women enjoy sex the most. But this does not mean they have the better orgasm, just more of it.
So it's a case of quality against quantity. Take your pick!
no one can really answer that question!!!
I don't know, I havn't had one of them since the Allies liberated Normandy.
I think girls may have better ones than men, they are certainly more vocal in their appreciation. Why d'you want to know? Yours not very good, wondering if we get it better?
the girls is more important
well that is something noone will ever know. i think girls are probably stronger, more intense and sometimes we have multiple, but guys have them WAY more often! i know i dont have one everytime i have sex but guys do. so i guess it all equals out
Girls. A guy's orgasm lasts between 3 and 10 seconds. A girl's orgasm can last from several seconds to minutes. It's also easier for girls to have multiple orgasms than it is for guys.
There is a classical myth about a man who was changed into a woman for 7 years and became a celebrated whore. He/she was asked your question.

A rhyme about who he thought had the best orgasm goes like this: "If the parts of love pleasure be counted as ten, thrice three go to women, one only to men".
Somebody after my own heart, this can go on for years. However, men get one frequently and easily so they become blase about it, when a woman has one it is less frequent so they probably get more fulfilment out of it.
How about that?
I have never had a female orgasm, so i dont know what they feel like. I f I was a female i would say that female ones are better but im not so i will say mens are better, but I guess they are both better if you have one while someone else is with you.
Having only experienced one of the above my answer is a shooting guess (sorry!) Women have better ones longer & stronger for the most part. We can do the quickies too. But I don't think a man has a chance of having a orgasm of the duration of a woman (who is with the right man) and then keep on going again. Or indeed have many short ones in succession a man doesn't get those either. He may have lovely sensations but we have them too. Women win for sure!