What does occlusal; mesial; distal; buccal; lingual and palatal mean?

Occlusal-the chewing or grinding surface of the bicuspid and molar teeth
Mesial -forward or front
Distal-behind towards the back of the mouth.
Buccal- the tooth surface which is next to your cheeks.
Lingual- the tooth surface next to your tongue
Palatal - refers to the palate surface
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buccal is the gum i.e. if you have a pill like buccal suscard you place it between the gum and the lip.
lingual is tongue
palatal is roof of mouth
Something to do with teeth and fillings.
They're dentistry terms!
occlusal means the biting or grinding surface of the teeth,Mesial means being the surface of the tooth that is next to the tooth in the front of it or closest to the middle of the front of the jaw, distal means being the surface of the tooth next to the tooth behind it or farthest from the middle of the front of the jaw, buccal means of relating to or lying in the mouth, lingual means relating to or resembling the tounge,lying near or next to the tounge relating to or being the surface of the tooth next to the toung, and palatal means formed with the tounge near or touching the hard palate near the teeth ridge, anyways don't know if those definitions help you any, I got them straight out of the merriam-webster online dictionary and as I look at these definitions they don't really tell you to much about it or explain it to well, anyways for future reference you can always type dictionary in your search and you will come up with some on line dictionaries to help you, best of luck to you and I hoped these helped you
these r the surfaces of tooth.named based on the anatomical structures near to the surface.
mesial-towards the midline
distal-away 4m the midline
buccal-facing the cheeks
lingual-facing the tongue
palatal-facing the palate
occlusal-surface which occludes wd opposite tooth
it means "I can't find my dictionary"
well jess is rite. those r the different terms we use in dentistry to describe the different tooth surfaces.