Can you continue to claim DLA if you return to full time work?

When I used to receive this, I notified them when I was able to return to work, albeit only part time and my payments (as I expected) stopped. However, I work with someone who receives the same level of DLA that I used to, and they still get theirs. It's not that I feel hard done by, but I'm very curious as to the 'rules' on this?
If your original disability hasn't changed from when you last claimed DLA then you are still entiltled to it whether you work or not. Also if you are registered disabled you might want to look into claiming disabled tax credits unless you are earning mega bucks. Good luck.
I 'm not altogether sure, but I thought you couldn't claim it any more.
Obviously, they were not honest and have not notified them that they are working. Don't worry--they will get found out and then be in BIG trouble. They may face jail time and have to pay back every cent.
Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth!
DLA is not means tested, it will stop if your condition improves or if you nolonger need assistance.

Other benefits however do stop as soon as you start work.
You can recieve DLA while working full time, you didn't need to inform them you had gone back to work. I would reapply if I were you. Good luck
DLA is given to people who are likely to require help with personal care, whether they actually recieve the help or not. It does not make any difference whether you work or not as it is not means tested. It is Incapacity Benefit that is only paid to people who cannot work due to their condition.

Maybe when you informed them of your return to work they assumed that your condition had improved. If this is not the case I would contact them, explain the situation and ask them to clarify why your benefit has been withdrawn. If they are not helpful then you can appeal their decision, but I think you only have a certain amount of time to do this. If this fails then you can go to a tribunal.

I have spoken to quite a few people who have had their claim for DLA refused or benefit withdrawn. As far as I can tell if you take it to a tribunal then you have as good as won.

I hope you are successful and I wish you well.
I assume you still have the problem you were given DLA for. If that hasn't changed question the decision.
How long do you mean by 'full time'. Check with the job centre.
Shy bairns get nowt.